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PAX Prime2009
My first PAX. ::sniff:: 2009!

So, um, anyone want to tell me where the HELL time is going? Wasn’t my skin just baking during my walk to the Los Angeles Convention Center  for E3? Even yet, wasn’t I just romping around the cold-ass weather that envelops Boston for PAX East? Good LAWD, I say. GOOD LAWD. But alas, time has decided to give us the bird and say, “EFF YOU BROS, I’M MOVING AS FAST AS I WANT!” to which I say, fair enough, I shall accommodate.

But don’t take that mambo-jumbo about time flying the wrong way, as I’m SUPER excited PAX is only a few days away. Hell I’ve been craving it ever since E3 ended. Y’know, it’s not as crazy and hectic and all that — and plus, I don’t have to pay for airfare or hotel fees! While some of you will be enjoying the luxury of sleeping on stiff beds ridden with bugs and walking on stained carpets, I will be enjoying the amenities of my, erm, semi-moved in apartment.

…Can I stay with one of you?


The shenanigans start Thursday, with multiple parties and whatnot. I’ll actually be at the Seahawks game (GO HAWKS!) so I’ll likely have to miss out on pre-PAX awesomeness. Le sigh. But depending on what time I get home I’ll try to attend Destructoid’s GameWorks party, since it’s a five minute walk away. There’s also a Pokemon party, and Mad Catz is hosting a big ol’ shindig at Trinity Nightclub I’ve RSVP’d to, but most likely will have to miss.


Friday is pretty low key, with only a few scheduled appointments (I’m checking out the Stinky Footboard, which I’m probably more excited for than I should be) but mostly I’m looking forward to the Pitching The Last of Us panel at 2:00. Of course, there are a few parties later that night as well. I’ll probably try not to party too hardy as Saturday is pretty big day. (And by “big day” I may or may not mean there’s a Dragon Age: Inquisition Panel.) (Okay, you got me, there is one.)


HNNGHHHH this is going to be THE BEST DAY EVER. In the morning I’m seeing a live gameplay demo of XCOM: Enemey Unknown AND AT 1:00 I WILL BE IMMERSING MYSELF IN THE DRAGON AGE PANEL. Like, I will be there. Even if I have to bullrush every mo’fo in my way I will BE THERE. I will spam every BioWare employee if I must. A…ahem. After that sploogfest I have an hour-long appointment with The Elder Scrolls: Online. I really enjoyed what I saw at E3, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s new. Also, parties.


Sunday I have, like, nothing going on (besides a 30 minute appointment with Dragon Fantasy Book II) and I’m trying to keep it that way. There are SEVERAL booths I want to stop by and check out, and being able to do it on my time is so, SO refreshing. There’s a Popcap/EA/BioWare networking thingie later that night, but after that I’m not quite sure where I’ll end up!


Like Sunday, there’s not a lot going on. There’s the Post PAX Pint Throwdown I’m attending at The Pine Box, but that’s not until 6:00 pm. I’ll likely use this day to wrap things up and ensure I’ve seen the things I want to see. Y’know, like Alistair cosplayers and such. SQUEE!

What about you? What’s your schedule looking like? Maybe we’ll be at the same parties and can meet up and talk about awesome things, like hot wings and such. <3 LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN. Just look for the dork with the tri-colored hair, or as I like to call it, the Neapolitan ice cream of hair.


  1. As Tweeted before, I’ll be roaming around on Monday with no particular place to go, although that Pint Throwdown is looking very tempting. If I see you, I will say hello and discuss wings and games. And maybe the Seahawks.

  2. I hope to see you this year! Maybe do lunch this time around if you’re up for it. Looking forward to it!

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