A Raptor Turns the Corner, and…


Holy nuts you guys, I can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard. Like, think about it: what would you do if you saw a raptor turn the corner? Would you stop and stare at it? Would logic kick in and remind you that these things have been extinct for almost 70 million years? But, like, would you think like me and come to the millisecond conclusion that there must be a dinosaur lab a’la Umbrella Corp brewing ‘saurs underneath the building?

Or, um, maybe you’d notice the pair of (decently camouflaged) human legs BUT STILL RUN AWAY BECAUSE IT MUST BE A HU-SAUR HYBRID THAT WILL DESTROY US ALL.

In any case, I kinda hope this happens to me. I’d like to see what kind of reaction I’d have. Y’know, to prove to myself that I’m a stud and would attack the raptor head-on and punch it in the face. Because, yeah, that’d be pretty rad.

Thanks, Geekologie!


  1. where can I see the full length clip?? I want to see how that girl reacts while acting like I wouldn’t freak out and run away in fear.

  2. What the f?! That thing is freaky as all hell – lookit how it movess~
    I woulda run away too, haha.

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