New Xbox 360 “Spring Value Bundle”

New XBox360 bundle

Are you still in the market for an Xbox 360? Well my friend, you may just be in luck!

Earlier today Microsoft announced the “Spring Value Bundle”, a $299 bundle of sex that will net you a 250 GB console, a controller, a physical (WOOT!) copy of Darksiders II and a download code for Batman: Arkham CityBUT THAT’S NOT ALL! You’ll also receive a free month of Gold Membership.

This bundle is on its way to major US retailers today, so keep an eye out!

Out of curiosity, who doesn’t own an Xbox 360? Is it because you’re not a fan of their exclusives, or are you perfectly content with your other console? I gotta admit I think this is a great bundle, so I think if I didn’t already own one I’d be on the hunt for this bad boy.


  1. I have a friend that does not own either original xbox or the 360 and is a sole Playstation person. He tells me that it is strictly loyalty to the brand and has no problem with xbox at all.

  2. I don’t own a 360. At this point there just doesn’t seem like much reason to, as I have way too many PS3 games I need to get to before I start worrying about getting games for another system (especially one that has mostly the same games). And yeah, the number of 360 exclusives I actually care for is pretty minuscule anyway.

    There’s also other aspects of it I’m not a fan of, like having to pay for online (it’s not something I do often enough to justify paying for it, but I do want the feature there if I do decide to use it) and even the controller (it just feels awkward to me after having grown up with the DualShock since the PS1 days). But overall I wouldn’t say I hate the system, I just don’t have much reason to own one this late in its life cycle.

    • Devin, I just gotta say I love your comments! And I totally get ya. I mean, the “new” console should be announced soon, so…yeah. I’d expect a price drop anyway!

  3. I love my 360, and even got my younger siblings a good bundle that got me Halo: Reach and Fable III. Even when I am not gaming I enjoy the apps, especially Netflix and renting off the Xbox Live store. I am now looking fondly at my Xbox…Who needs a girlfriend?

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