Beyond: Two Souls Release Date Announced


Sony has confirmed that Beyond: Two Souls will be launching its fine ass in North America on October 8th.

Also revealed was the character Nathan Dawkins, “an enigmatic scientist working for a top-secret government division studying paranormal activity. His professional curiosity in Jodie, driven by personal tragedy, is a central theme in Beyond: Two Souls.” He will be voiced by Willem Dafoe, who you may recognize from the Spider-Man films.

I remember watching the reveal of Beyond: Two Souls at last year’s Sony presser, and despite the amount of alcohol in my system I remember thinking, “DAMN SAM I REALLY WANT THIS GAME IN MY MOUTH.” And yes, I said there was alcohol in my system. I blame Sony. They always give out free food and drink before their conferences.

Like I said above, I can’t wait! Are you stoked for Beyond: Two Souls as well? I’m pumped to see what Quantic Dream can do — hopefully we’ll get another meme out of this game. “SHAWWWWWN!!!” “SHAWN?” “SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWN!” “JASON!” “JAAAAAA-SOOOON!”


  1. I really really like quantic dream as a developer. They are masterful at capturing drama and creating a movie like enviroment where the human condition is explored. Even though they probably did a 3D scan of ellen page and william dafoe I was amazed at how quickly I recognized Ellen page as the little girl. Hopefully one of these days I will get to play one of their games.

    • YES YES and YES. The way they’re able to capture emotion is mesmerizing. Whenever you get to Heavy Rain (or Beyond!) let me know!

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