N3rdy Easter Eggz

Okay, I want honesty here: how many of you grown-ass adults — WITHOUT spawn — dyed Easter eggs last weekend?

::raises hand erratically:: OOH! ME ME!! I DID! I DID! I had some friends over and we dyed eggs!!!

But before I show you these photos of my EGGxellent work (SEE WHUT I DID THARE?) (Also, disregard the “excellent” reference I made in that joke. It is a known fact that my mother didn’t put nearly enough points in the artistic category when I was being created) you need to know that these designs were drawn on by a white crayon before the eggs were dipped into the dye. So, yeah. It was pretty much like  ::drawdrawdraw:: “ZOMG I hope this turns out well!” ::pulls out egg:: “….Oh.”

Exeggcute has always been one of my favorite Pokemon because it's SO FREAKIN' CUTE. I loved making the cracked one <3
It's all of teh Pokemon! Ash, and uh, a yellow Pokeball. We had issues figuring out how to make the dye red. DON'T JUDGE. Also, a supposed Haunter.
I hope this is self-explanatory
I drew Link, and my buddy drew the Hylian shield. Yeaaaah.
Our creations. As for the blue egg on the bottom right, you can use your imagination. ;D


  1. My girlfriend asked to dye hard boiled eggs but all I heard was “Die Hard” so we dyed hard boiled eggs while watching Die Hard. Next year maybe we’ll add Hard Boiled to the mix.

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