Britt’s Misadventures of Egg Dyeing

Have I ever mentioned I don’t cook often? There is a valid reason for this — you see, I feel like cooking takes way too much effort and all I ever end up doing is making a HUGE mess. Like, I had to add vinegar to the egg dye. And that sucked way more energy out of me than it should have. And, of course, I ended up making a huge mess.

But things like this ended up becoming a thing:

I mean, you can sort of tell what it's supposed to be, right?

Have I also mentioned I lack skill points in the artistic category? Anyway, more tomorrow! I sorta-kinda have to clean my kitchen counter before it looks like a unicorn permanently barfed all over it. ;D


  1. Dude, It is awesome that I can say I have never eaten in your kitchen but I HAVE applied fake blood in there. So it seems there is a lot more dying that occurs in your kitchen then actual cooking…and that my friend, is awesome. Happy Easter Bitch

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