My WomanCaveBathroom

woman bathroom

Hmmm. Methinks I need to come up with a much clever hybrid of the word Woman Cave/Bathroom. WomanRoom! That has a nice ring to it. Then again, that’s awfully similar to Woman Cave and Woman Apartment. WHY IS LIFE SO FULL OF OBSTACLES?!

Anyway, the barren excuse for a bathroom you see above will be my future location of all things peeing, (not pooping because girls don’t excrete such things), showering, fixing of hair and putting on of makeup. And I know a lot of you — mostly the gentlemen reading this blog — are thinking, “PSSH that’s decorated enough for me! WHAT ELSE COULD A BATHROOM POSSIBLY NEED?!”

Decor, my friend. It needs decor.

Now, I’m not talking about frilly flowers or bright carpets. I’m talking something Britt-esque. Something like…well, something along the lines of a zombie or Zelda themed bathroom. While both would be pretty badass, I’m leaning towards a Zelda themed bathroom because, well, there ain’t much (if anything) tranquil about taking a bath in a blood splattered bathroom. The problem with a Zelda themed bathroom, however, is that I’m extremely limited with decorations. I scoured the interwebs a bit last night, and was able to find certain things (wall decals, lamps, soaps, light switchplates, etc.) but finding a legit shower curtain and carpet is like trying to find the Triforce in Ocarina of Time. IT’S NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE NO MATTER HOW MANY FISH YOU CATCH OR HOW MANY TIMES YOU MANIPULATE THE LEVITATE CODE BECAUSE DAMMIT THE SKY TEMPLE DOESN’T EXIST. (Some of you will understand.)

Here are a few things I’ve found that I’m diggin’ like Dante:

I love lamp.
Towel 1!
towel 2
Towel 2!
heart container curtain
Obviously this is just a mock-up of what it would look like, but honestly I’m not TOTALLY into this shower curtain.
I like this one a little more!

There are several other things I found, but I think you get the general idea. Let me know what you think! Any suggestions? Also, please let me know if you know someone who makes kickass Zelda stuff I can buy!


  1. Definitely get the 2nd shower curtain. Maybe do the hearts as a sticker on the mirror so it’s over your hear when you look in the mirror? I like your ideas so far :D

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