My Fashion Flub [VIDEO]

Y’know that saying, “Pics or it didn’t happen?” Well I have a new one: “Vidz or it didn’t happen.”

Last Wednesday a buddy and I were wandering the mall. We may or may not have had a VERY strong rum and coke. We may or may not have been in JcPenny’s and he may or may not have had the brilliant idea to pick out an outfit for me.

…WHOA! Why are you whipping that thing out? I mean, I know that video was oozing with sexiness, with those pink courdory pants and oversized blazer and all, but c’mon. There’s no need for that. Put it away.


<3 Britt


    • HAHAHAHA! “Angel Freak Baby”…you know what it reminds me of? Remember when we walked around the block wearing that crazy ass clothing for a school project of mine? XD

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