You know you’re ready for the zombie apocalypse when…

…you see this picture and the first thing that comes to mind is “REFUGE POINT!!!”

I was strolling through the hallway–mind preoccupied with thoughts of work-related things–and then I saw the above scenery. All aforementioned work-related things instantly left my brain and I immediately went into Zombie survival mode.

I’ve always thought the building I work at would be perfect for surviving the zombie apocalypse, and now that I know the ceiling does THAT I’m definitely calling dibs. Go find your own safehouse. I’ve found mine. ;)



  1. Dude, we DO have a good building. No one would be able to get up the stairs/elevators without the access cards. Love it…

  2. Nope, try Harbor Island. Only bridges directly connected and it has the trucks, crane mobiles and cargo trailers to block those off in less than an hour. Contains dozens upon dozens of shipped in goods ranging from food to building material (and clothes). Has a few ships tied up on it so sea exits are still an option. Contains tons of fuel and I know there has to be a few generators around there. My work even has a shower in it already (although water really shouldn’t be trusted in hurricanes or zombies infestations, but the shower still counts). The whole island screams F U zombies, we win!!! It is also only 3 miles away from the Junction.

  3. I have a feeling that despite what games have taught us over the years that ceiling wouldn’t be able to support a persons weight. Sorry to be such a boner kill :\

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