Britt5091 Origins: ***FLAMEWAR*** Fozzy vs Beezy Winner: KHAOS_DRAGON!

Welcome to Britt5091: Origins, where I dig up old blog posts I used to write for IGN’s community under the username Britt5091. Some posts may make you giggle, some may make your eyes bleed, and some may make you stroke your beard in a pensive manner. All you need to know is that these posts, no matter how terrible some of them may be, ultimately lead to everything I do now.

***FLAMEWAR***  Fozzy vs Beezy Winner: KHAOS_DRAGON!

July 23, 2009

***Update…again: It’s still on like Donkey Kong, folks. The rules have changed a little, which you can find in my post dated 7/24/09.
Update: LOL…Well Beez and Foz, sorry, but it looks like Khaos_Dragon was the only one getting any love. I say he has to pick an icon for both of you to use for 2 months now, but you guys can hash that out yourselves.

Back to regular blogging XD


Laaaaddiiiies and Gentlemeeen…

Tonight is the night you have been waiting for:

An inevitable event

The ultimate Flamewar


I bring you two widely known bloggers on IGN, which after several months of bickering, have decided to lay everything on the line in an all out flamefight.

But wait! These two fighters aren’t going to be doing their own bidding.

Over the past week each has put sweat and blood into recruiting soldiers from across IGN to form their own personal militia. Both militias tonight will play a crucial role in this Flamewar and are heavily depended upon for support.

Let me introduce our militias.

Our first militia, and the declarer of war, is under the command of General FozzyTheGamer. They call themselves THE FEDERATIOOON!

Never to back down to a challenge, the militia lead by General Beezball is poised and ready to combat anything The Federation throws their way. Ladies and gentleman, THE AARP!!

Stragglers, even though not part of these said militias, the Generals need your support as well.

Here’s how this thing is going to go:

1) There are no rules. This is war, people! Say whatever you want, however you want it, just keep it relevant.

2) I’ll close the war Saturday evening. I’ll then pick the two comments from each side that really supports each general and what they stand for. I’ll then post those and you will vote on who you think won.

And of course there is a fabulous prize to be won. The winner of this Flamewar chooses which icon the loser will utilize for 2 months! Isn’t that exciting? And don’t forget about the bragging rights!

The Federation, The AARP, and just as important you stragglers, stand up for what you believe in!

The question will finally be answered…who is better? Fozzy or Beezy?!



Britt’s Note:

Wow. I think I got myself a little pumped up just reading that.  However, I think the entire IGN blogging community rallied together and decided NOT to participate in this flame war. The only participant was Khaos_Dragon. Bless his heart. ;)

Also, that above picture took me FOREVER to make. I took Fozzy’s and Beez’s icons, placed them on boxers and inserted the flames. ALL IN MICROSOFT PAINT. Do you know how primitive that program is?!


  1. OMG, speaking of Microsoft Paint…

    The BlankShowCast accepts fan art, but the stipulation is that anything hand-drawn MUST be done in Paint. You can use photoshop to alter colors or cut and paste pre-made images in place, but anything newly created has to be done in the wonderful program of old.

    Now that I know you have skills, you should make us something! :)

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