My Eyes Had Sex With Dragon Age Fanart

I know one of my staple sayings is “my mind is blown”, but for realzies this time, MY MIND IS FUCKING BLOWN.

I’m a busy girl, so when I have several things on my plate I spend my time scouring the internet for Dragon Age videos, Dragon Age animations, Dragon Age fanart, etc. Did you know I majored in time management? No?  Are you confused? Good.

Ladies and gentlemen, last night I hit the Dragon Age fanart jackpot. I kid you not, when I saw these pictures I was squealing in my woman cave so effin’ loud a friend that was over (only to use my PS3 and play inFamous, I might add…moocher!) ran in to see what the hell I was doing. Apparently it sounded like I was having an orgy.

Behold. If you haven’t seen these already, prepare for your mind to be blown into chunks.

ZEVRAN! Look how adorable he is. This captures his personality perfectly, with that lil' smirk and all...DAWWW. And, ooooh.
HA! I love that Bann Teagan was shown a lil' love as well. After all, he is Alistair's uncle...of sorts. It's complicated.
AAAAH!!!! Fenris! Y'know, he's totally that bad boy EVERY girl wants to hook up with. Also, I'm digging Hawke's scar/blood/whateverthefuck it is that's on her nose.
My jaw dropped.
Diggin' the smirk on Ander's face. It reminds me of him in DA: Awakening, when he was, you know, not so emo.
FLEX, MY LOVELY FIRECROTCH, FLEX! (Oh, this is Alistair)
I cannot get over how realistic this is.
….so, would you be surprised if I told you this was my new wallpaper?

Now THIS is how I want Dragon Age III to look. For the love of God, PLEASE make it happen BioWare. PLEAAAAAAASE. I don’t’ care how impossible it is.

I gotta take a second and give INSANE mad props to the artist, who goes by the name of Louvette on deviantart. She has so many other amazing pieces on her site—including Mass Effect stuff—so if you’re a fan of what you see above, you’d be a big sillyhead not to check out her page.

Hey, Louvette (in case of the very slim chance you’re reading this) you now have a new stalker. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be lurking outside in your bushes. <3.



  1. Just so there’s some balance, I’d like to remind the public that Bloodrayne was topless in Playboy a while back. Yes, they look fake, and it was totally airbrushed.

    That is all. :P

  2. Maybe its because I’m a dude, and no offense to you, but I never really understood the love Alistair gets. Yeah he’s good looking and he’s got the sarcastic charm if you will, but it seems every girl I know who’s played DA goes gaga for him. But none the less the pictures are very well done so props to the artist.

  3. I think Louvette would notice you stalking her as soon as she started working. “Is someone having an orgy outside my house?”.
    Very well done pictures and still manages to be tasteful. The closest equivalent for the those of the straight male persuasion would be Madspike He likes to show naughty bits so this link is not work safe

  4. OMG I HAVE A NEW STALKER! YEAAAAAHH! ^___^ Hi Britt, Louvette here. One of your readers who goes by the name of Gahnzz told me that he found out about my work through your website. Thanks for featuring me! You totally made my day. I’m always glad when fellow fans enjoy my work especially since my driving force in making them is to feed my inner fangirl XD So my sincere apologies to your male readers – I only create images of characters that I fangirl over and they’re mostly of the male persuasion. And also naked. I have no shame :D

    • AHHH! Now my day is totally made!

      Also: “I only create images of characters that I fangirl over and they’re mostly of the male persuasion. And also naked. I have no shame :D”

      …I think I love you.

  5. Isn’t she just an awesome artist? I love Louvette and am also one of her avid stalkers! She is just that bloody wonderful! And she’s a sweetie too!

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