My E3 2013 In Photos: Day Three

E3 eye bags
Gotta wear those eye bags with pride.

Man, there is just something different about the third day of E3. Despite all of the booths still blaring their fantastical, theatrical huge-ass displays and loud ass sound sound systems the floor feels deaaaad. And not dead as in empty — although I will say the floor is a little less crowded — but dead as in the attendees are barely shuffling around, eyes are glazed over and overall everyone appears to be moving without purpose or direction.

I, too, had succumbed to the E3 Zombie Virus and was also shambling around without much purpose or direction, and thank God for that because my only appointment was with Natsume’s Hometown Story; a very chill, relaxing, typical Natsume-esque game. Juuuust what I needed.

Total War

Next up was The Elder Scrolls: Online. I originally hadn’t made an appointment, but after working my brilliant Britt-magic (read: I emailed someone) I was able to go hands-on with the bawlsome (short for balls-awesome) (yes I just made that up) MMO epic  for about 45 minutes. AND IT WAS AMAZING. Seriously, I’ll be buying this bad boy ASAP. Now, whether or not I wait for PS4 launch is a different story…I can’t make up my mind yet!


YESSSSS!!! I didn’t play Bayonetta 2 on the show floor because I, erm, sincerely suck at that game and require the easiest mode to make ANY progress whatsoever sOOoOoI decided I didn’t want to make a fool of myself in front of buttloads of peeping eyeballs. That being said, I’m not afraid to make a fool out of myself in front of myself so BEST BELIEVE I will be buying Bayonetta the second it launches.

Thief Guys

Okay, this was probably one of the most flattering moments of E3. Because I didn’t get into Thief the day before, I tried my luck — again — with media registration. For whatever reason, Square Enix was accepting media appointments that day and after explaining the prior day’s sitch, they allowed me to skip the line of folks waiting for the Thief demo. (I normally would feel bad for doing this, but seeing as I had an unrecognized appointment from the day before…) While I was waiting in line, Daniel — the studly gentleman to my right, who just so happened to be Thief’s lead level designer — out of the blue told me he really enjoyed my website and asked for a photo! WAT. How cool was that?! Because, like, at the end of the day I’m just a chick who loves video games, the industry and (most) everyone in it, so for my shenanigans to be recognized by a member of Thief’s dev team…DAMN SON. Way to boost my ego! ;) But for serious, that was very humbling. <3

Also, the Thief demo was really freakin’ neat. It totally reached around and up my interest meter and  jacked that shit so hard. That’s saying something because generally stealth games ain’t my thang — the anxiety of being a stealthy squirrel eats at me until I finally go ball bustin’ and guns ‘a blazin’. But yeah, I was “ooohing” and “awwwing” during the entirety of the demo. NOW I WANT TO BE A THIEF.

Xbox One Controller

Finally, I touched an Xbox One controller. Believe the hype, guys — this controller kicks so much friggen’ ass. The rumble triggers (or whatever the hell the cool kids are calling ’em these days) are completely legit and offer a feel-good, vibrating sensation throughout your hands (ooooh vibrations.). I fucked around with several tech demos and felt how the controller depicted events such as the rising of a helicopter, the shooting of machine gun rounds, a heartbeat, an engine, etc. After treating my hands to that vibrating goodness I can only hope they are utilized a BUTTLOAD in future Xbox One games. Yeah, they’re that cool.

And with that, E3 2013 was officially a wrap. This was by FAR the most enjoyable E3 I’ve covered. I’m telling you, being able to attend a convention on your own credentials, create your own schedule and write whatever the hell you want  puts another perspective on the entire convention. I learned a lot this year, and hope to attend next year and deliver even more blonde nerdery goodness!

Thanks for reading my coverage and whatnot! Means a lot. <3


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  1. Were any of the upcoming Android consoles (Ouya, MOJO, or Gamepop) at E3? And when they come out do you have any interest in playing Android (and for Gamepop iPad) games on your TV with one?

    I have this vision of you in pre-internet days being the hard boiled writer of the gaming section of a major newspaper who comes into the newsroom, proclaims your dogs are barking, and sits and pulls a bottle of whiskey and bottle of aspirin out of your desk. The editor storms into the bullpen and glares at you, “Brombacher! Did you get the story?”

    Okay, maybe watching that vlog about noir fiction when I’m tired wasn’t such a good idea.

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