For the sake of time (I’m on my way to visit my daddio who’s recovering after a successful surgery!) I’ve inserted the above video instead of, you know, taking an hour and a half to explain ALL OF THE MASSIVE SHIT THAT JUST WENT DOWN.

I’m still soaking this all in, and while I think I can say the majority of us are stoked that this DRM stuff is going out the window (admittedly I was a little in the grey area) quite a few folks are upset at the news, and I highly recommend you read this article called “The Xbox One Just Got Way Worse, And It’s Our Fault“.

So while I have to get my ass to the hospital, I’m extremely curious to hear what you think about the entire situation. What were your thoughts before Microsoft backtracked, and what are they now?



  1. Sorry, I don’t buy the article’s points. They’re totally unsupported by any hard evidence and depend a great deal on the beneficence of a company that has never at any time in its history been known to demonstrate any. Not that this is enough of a push to get me to buy an X-Bone anyway; I’ll probably get a Wii-U eventually, but for now none of the next-gen consoles are setting my night on fire. Show me a good game first.

  2. When I heard about their policy about used games and periodic (I say always) online, I was not going to buy the system. As a person who went from day one purchase to solely relying on used games due to school, and having my internet down for two weeks multiple times due to a person cutting the fiber cable. I saw it as a waste of money.

    Now with these amendments to their original policy, I am now considering buying the X1 only after some time. I think that the customer testaments are a bit more reliable than this article which feels like a marketing ploy.

    Now my main hurdle is the price, which is to high.

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