Mah New Pokémon Shrine <3


I know it’s not much, but hey, at least it’s better than what it USED to be:

Old Pokémon shrine is old.

Seeing as I’m, uh, running out of room in my woman cave but still continue to engage in the act of frivolous purchasery I had to sacrifice my Modern Warfare 2 shelf and convert it into the Pokémon shrine. (And honestly, I’m not a huge CoD fangirl or anything so for now I’m perfectly content with my MW Prestige Edition chilling on the floor.)

Unfortunately the allotted space shelf still isn’t enough (who saw THAT coming?!) and I have about four or five Pokémon  board games and VHS tapes I have no room for. They might find themselves in a bin very, very soon. :(


  1. Shrines don’t need to contain ALL of the items, just display enough to prove your love.
    I was once such a Spawn fanboy that I had every toy of the character I owned (and the multiple variants) on one desk. It was pretty intense, something like 25 toys just chillin’.
    So for all the crap I give you about your collecting, just know that I was once like you. :)

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