LOL of the Day: Mordin’s Advice


I never gave Jack a ‘go in the sack for two reasons 1) I was faithful to Kaidan and 2) She wasn’t into my FemShep. Actually, there were three reasons. The third was that she scared the ever living shit out of me.

Now, allow me a moment to nerd out over the fact that Mass Effect 3 releases in less than four weeks.




  1. oh god my school work is going to have a massive downshift. On the bright side I will learn how to sculpt with my face because my hands will be busy playing Mass effect 3. Oh god I have to finish my current run through! up up and away!

    • I never got with Jack for similar reasons, except Me and Kaiden are just Bro’s I just want to have little Asari babies with Liara. I am only as crazy as Bioware makes me.

  2. Oh profedor Mordin Solis, your montage of lulz is scientifically awesome ^_^ go mordin go mordin. best bit for mordin from mass effect 2.

    The jack was also not on the list of cutscene pron
    as everyone else wanted and did get some sheppard but a few cutscene decisions made jack hate my sheppard LOL

    omg my sheppard was a man whore XD slept with all female crew members cept jack o_O wtf

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