Keychains, Link and I


What can I say–  I like to embarrass myself.

I dunno what your childhood was like, but during my time of awkwardness (y’know, when kids are going through that whole “puberty” thing) your coolness was reflected by the number of key chains you had on your backpack. And let me tell you, that made me the shit because I had SO many freakin’ key chains dangling from my backpack. (In all honesty I was socially awkward and 100% a complete and utter dork, but hey, everyone loved my key chains!)

My mom just so happened to stumble upon one of my many key chains, and amongst a vibrating rabbits foot, hippie esque- smiley face and a peace symbol, she found the following:


HDFJKLDJSFKDJKSJK!!! I remember toting this Link around so hard, and it was amazing because Ocarina of Time had JUST come out and was the talk of the fourth grade classroom. But, um, why is Link flexin’ and all “BRAWGGGH LOOK AT MY BIG MUSK-ELS BECAUSE THEY’RE SO BIG AND I BEAT GANON’S ARSEHOLE WITH THESE BABIES GRAWWWGH!!!”?

Whatever. I won’t question him. He now stands guard next to my computer with the other Link.




  1. Ohmygod yes. I recently found my old keychain collection in the parental home… which consists of like 30 keychains that are somehow all connected together into one tangled, rattly ball. Lots of Giga pets, but no awesome Link keychain. I’m jealous!

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