Bethesda Teases Us With Vine


Oh Bethesda — you cock tease.

Around 10 am this morning Bethesda posted a video to Vine, which has resulted in yours truly feeling like a friggen’ detective trying to figure out WTFBBQ this thing is. Like, I get the barbed wire and record labels, but WHAT DOES IT MEAN. Seriously I think the last time I analyzed a video this much was while watching The Ring. (Deer-neer…seven days…stringyhairgirlcrawlingoutofTV HORSES FALLING OFF OF FERRIES.)

If you think this is some sort of tease for the Fallout franchise, you might want to think again:

fallout tweet

Either way, I have to admit utilizing Vine is a pretty sweet way to tease a game. Maybe this will be the next industry trend, which is fine by me, especially if it replaces all of those countdown websites. ;D

What do you take away from the Vine post?


  1. Hmmmm…





    I got nothin’

    Though i am a bit sad at my initial excitement of Fallout being crushed so immediately.

  2. Ok. after a break down of the video i can see a few things on this. The ball is on top of a ticket for the Moonbeam Trio, director is George S. With the Manhattan Association of Broadcasting. The second part has a name Johann Sebastian Orchestral Suit ASG-9639 is a set of numbers and letters that appear 3 times in the video. I also see the Words Air on the string of G. Thats about all i can dig out of this video, other then its also projected onto a screen on a wall… as a second note, it is not a vine it is barbed wire. Dont know if any of that helps, but that is what i could break down with my video software. i still have no freaking clue…..

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