Whatchu Up To, Climax Studios?


Climax Studios — the homeboys behind Silent Hill Origins and Shattered Memories — have some shit going down on their website. And by “shit” I mean awesome, anonymous screenshots, two of which make me want to piddle my big girl pants and call my mommy. If you check out Climax’s website, you’ll notice a few links under the “Future” section that lead to several screenshots of two unannounced games.

The first is simply named “Unannounced Title”, but is home to several freaky-deeky WHADDAFUCK screenshots that, like I said above, give me a strong and sudden urge to leak urine.




Okay, first of all I do NOT do dolls. No siree. You can keep those dolls and shove them up your bunghole. As far as that demonic mask blood-crying mofo goes in the bottom photo, you can keep that too. This looks like a game that I will most definitely not play alone. Eesh.

The second game, however, is titled “Character Action Platformer” and links to screenshots that look pretty Prince of Persia-y.




The only Prince of Persia game I’ve ever played was on the Xbox 360 and it was called, well, Prince of Persia,and despite not really enjoying the game I still respect the series. I know there are a lot of you out there who looooove them some Prince, so for your sake I hope these screens are related to the series! Ubisoft recently told IGN that Prince of Persia was “paused” and teased “As soon as we have something to show, we will.”

E3 announcement, anyone?

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