inFamous Log #5: SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT

Like I said in the last log, I’m at a point in inFamous where things are starting to pick up. It’s nice to have finally some story elements to cling onto and write about. I’m not saying the game wasn’t interesting before, but like I’ve said a MILLION times, I’ve a story-driven gamer and I thrive on ponderable things. So here, read my ponderings. 

Just as an FYI—I’ve cleared about 60% of the Neon District and my next mission is to make sure Alden doesn’t escape before Moya’s extraction team takes him to wherever the hell they’re taking him. I dunno where. She doesn’t tell me these things. Bitch. 

Cole and Trish: They got back together after I helped her transfer supplies to the hospital. Apparently she couldn’t resist his electrifying good looks (HURRRR). On another note, I think it’s adorable how Cole responds to Trish when she’s bitching about whatever it is she’s bitching about; he’s very patient with her and you can tell by the tone of his voice just how much he cares about her well-being and happiness. WHAT A GOOD BOYFRIEND. Too bad he (in a roundabout way) killed her sister. Yeah, that’s kind of unfortunate. I still think Trish is going to become a “bargaining” tool of sorts for Kessler, Sasha or Alden. I’m getting the feeling Trish is what Cole values most on the island, moreso than his freedom, and those bastards know it.

Also, Sasha was NOT happy about Cole and Trish getting back together. WHAT IS THEIR HISTORY?! Also, this confirms that she’s still lurking around somewhere. 

Zeke: Y’know, if I didn’t know he’s going to eventually betray me, I still don’t think I’d care a heckuva lot for this dude. I don’t know what his motives are, but I don’t believe they are what he says they are. According to Zeke, he wants to take this oppurtunity to create a new image, a fresh start, for himself. Which is apparently why he thought it’d be a good idea to get nosey around with the Dustmen, harass Moy and ultimately get captured and stuffed  in a cage dangling hundreds of feet in the air. WAY TO GO ZEKE you dumbass. Is he jealous of Cole? Oh yeah. I wish I knew more of the history of their friendship. My assumption is he’s going to betray Cole in a way to benefit himself (obviously); maybe he’ll get freedom, maybe he’ll try to absorb some of the Ray Sphere (or whatever it is you do with it), maybe he’ll join up with Kessler, Alden or Sasha in order to become “someone”. Cole will confront him and Zeke will confess how he’s a big pussy who has been envious of Cole for years and years. Then he’ll become worm-fodder. THE. END. 

Kessler: I don’t know enough about this dude, but I know he’s currently weak and toying around with Sasha. Or I think it’s Sasha. I dunno, I heard him torturing or interrogating a female that sounded like her. He recently said something that made me paranoid (and makes me think Trish is gonna croak). He said something along the lines of “everytime you fail, someone’s life ends” and that he was forced to “learn the hard way”. He’s hell-bent on ensuring Cole experiences the same thing he did. GREAT. =__= 

Alden: Unfortunately I was half-asleep when Alden was introduced to me, but he’s this creepy little old man who can do crazy things, like lift busses with my girlfriend inside them and place it on a roof…ALL WITH HIS EYE. I know he was some big-wig with The First Sons as a child, then Kessler came along and he became homeless. Now he’s a total creeper. Apparently the police have him, and I have to make sure he stays put until Moya’s extraction team shows up. 

Reapers and Dustmen: So these kids are fighting now. I can’t remember if I’ve seen Reapers in the Warren or Dustmen in the Neon District (maybe both?) but they’re stepping on each other’s territory…which is fine by me, as it makes picking them off much easier while they’re in mid-battle. I’m curious who (or what) I’m going to encounter in the next district. But holy hell, those robotic troll-esque things are a pain in the ass. But I don’t mind taking them on—as long as I’m perched on a very high rooftop. 

Empire City: I’m starting to realize that Empire City is one big cluserfuck. On one hand, you have the nuisance of the Reapers and Dustmen going at each other’s throats, and on the other you have the big power-hungry bastards like Kessler, Alden and Sasha. Let’s not forget Zeke is a douchebag and will eventually do something douchey.

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  1. I’m just about at the same point story-wise. I’m loving it so far, but I’m a sucker (no pun intended) for the sandbox games.

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