Amazing Garrus Cosplay is Amazing

Um, can I just take a minute and FREAK THE EFF OUT?!







Ive always had a thing for Garrus. In fact, a few friends and I had this conversation last night. Maybe its his confidence, or maybe its his badass attitude, hell, maybe its his scar (chicks dig scars) but it sure as hell isnt his good looks. And lets face it, for a straight female Shepard the pickins are slim. Jacob was okay, but he was too straight-laced for my liking. And while Thane was a little messed up, quite frankly he resembled a frog and there was no way I was gonna hit that. Hed probably start croacking while doing the deed, and that would be awkward as fuck.

So that left me with Garrus, and since Kaidan was a lil bastard to me on Horizon the invitation to get freaky with the Turian was bolder than ever. BUT, Ive already gone into this whole spiel on another post. Read it if youre into videogame drama.

Right, so this Garrus costume is amazing. That was the entire point of this post, wasn’t it? Right. So revel in the awesomeness. And for the love of God, dont wear this in front of me. I cannot guarantee you will not be violated.

For the artist’s website, click here!


  1. this costume is too cool, if I had this costume I would wear it all the damn time.I would be remain a delicate untainted flower due to living too far from Britt to be violated. But I gotta say this thing seems pretty good at preventing unwanted sexual advances with a protective plate in the front and back. And you need both in San Francisco :P

  2. So wait, you are warning people that if they wear that they are going to be violated? Expect to see a shit ton of Garrus’ walking around Seattle for the next week or two.

  3. I’m Impressed that it turned out as well as it did, given that human a turian morphology is such (by design I might add) that you really couldn’t do a big screen version and have it be believable. The hips of a human are all wrong as well as various other bits and pieces of the body. Still top notch effort. Let’s see him do a salarian next. Good luck.

    Oh and I’m all about the hot asari chicks, regardless of which gender I’m playing as… there’s just something about the blue…

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