inFamous 2 Log #1: I Want to Play With You

Well, I’m kind of in the same boat as I was before I played the first inFamous. I know nothing about the sequel. I only bought it a few weeks ago after discovering I was practically in love the first. Actually, I had planned on playing an epic JRPG after finishing inFamous, but guys, the ending WAS SO FUCKING GOOD. There is no way I’m putting the sequel off.

I’m assuming the story will follow Cole again (unless another Ray Sphere shows up and says ohai) but this time it’ll follow him in a different city (a few of you have given me the name of this place, buuut I don’t remember what it was). My guess is Zeke will make an appearance—or follow Cole wherever he ultimately goes. Trish is worm fodder, so there won’t be any of her. But I expect there to be some Moya, maybe Sasha, Alden…any other baddies I missed…OH! I can’t remember where, but someone told me Cole’s brother makes an appearance. I didn’t even know he had a brother. It’d make sense; or at least give him good reason to visit another city. Perhaps he’s working with the government and they’re having him investigate something? 

Either way, I’ve heard nothing but good things about inFamous 2. I’ve been told it’s a vast improvement on the first in every aspect. I’ve also been told the ending will blow my mind. AGAIN. 

…I can’t take too much more of this mind-blowing stuff, guys.

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  1. I hate when somebody says anything about an ending to something. Even trying to be cryptic about it is a spoiler. Also, telling people about any part, even if it happens in the first 5 minutes, is a real shitty thing to do to somebody who is looking forward to something because it is a sequel. We don’t need any part of it spoiled or sold to us, we want it. Shut the fuck up about it already you anonymous douchebag wherever you are and in under whatever bridges you plot your next awful move. What was I saying?

    Oh yeah, enjoy inFamous 2!

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