I’m Packing Up The Woman Cave!

woman cave

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Say goodbye to the woman cave we (meaning I) grew to love and admire. Say goodbye to the woman cave; the butt of many perverted jokes. JUST FRIGGEN’ SAY GOODBYE AND GET IT OVER WITH — THIS IS REALLY, REALLY HARD FOR ME! /cries

At the end of the month I’m packing up all of my woman cave’s contents and transferring them into a new (literally, it’s brand new) two-bedroom apartment in Seattle. While I’ll still have a woman cave in my new pad, it’ll be more of a woman apartment if you will — and you will — and I am STOKED to, um, expand the, erm, walls of my woman cave. [Pokemon reference incoming] What? WOMAN CAVE is evolving!

I intentionally pointed out the place I’m moving into is brand-new not because I’m trying to be a douchey douchebag, but because the place I live in now is kinda, well, old and it’s going to be like moving into another REALM. You see, most of my current appliances are ancient (not to mention the stove is a nasty yellow color) the walls are worn, the living room carpet has perma-stains and during the summer I always encounter a sugar ant infestation. Seriously. If I leave ANYTHING in the sink that has trace amounts of sugar, ten minutes later  it’ll look like there’s a black, ghostly figure moving about my kitchen. Oh. I also find them in the living room, the bedroom, the woman cave…

Of course this means as soon as I get back from E3 (I expect to be fully rested, physically and mentally oh wait this is E3 we’re talking about) I’m gonna have to start putting all of my games, consoles, controllers, etc.  away in boxes, and I have NO idea how I’m going to transport some of the other items. ‘Probably have to use even bigger boxes. HELLO, MOVERS. I NEED YOU.

Honestly guys, I hate moving. But it’s going to be so, SO worth it! Here are a few shots of my future home:

The entranceway to my future woman apartment.
Where I’ll be most of the time. HA. Yeah right. I can only cook hot pockets.

Before I start packing up I’d like to do a MTV Cribs-esque tour of my current place. Y’know, for in the future when the 17.5th woman cave becomes a thing I can look back and be all, “OH YEAH! That’s what the ORIGINAL woman cave looked like!”


  1. Your really not going to get a husband if you get a bigger woman cave…..

    I couldn’t resist. : )

  2. dude, who needs dishes and pots and pans? turn that sweet kitchen into the new Woman Cave, it is rather fitting after all :P

  3. I remember back when you were tweeting about the ants were attacking your home and then that Greg Miller got involved. If I were in Seattle I would use my strong muscles to help you move. Sadly I am like 14 hours away from Seattle and cannot help. I must lie here with my Xbox and not move. I will miss the original woman cave

    • LOL! Yeah, that’s right! Those ants were trying to kill me, I tell ya! And thanks for the offer, Mister Canada!

  4. I hate moving too, but the place you’re moving into definitely looks worth the hassle. Congrats!

  5. aww its sad to see the small cramped walls of the old woman cave go *snigger* but its a good idea to give the old cave a send off before you move into the new place and replace that drab brand new well crafted modern wooden decor with Insanely awesome relics of nerdom.
    You will never get rid of the sugar ants!!! Because your so sweet. Also because they can travel through pipes and you always leave a delicious banquet of sugar in the sink.

  6. pretty! That reminded me of a line from jenna marbles lol. *oh no did I leave the oven on!? wait I don’t even use the oven* XD

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