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Wait, what?

Well you guys, what little internet fame I have has penetrated my skull and now I’m so self-centered I decided to interview myself.

…… HA.

::clears throat:: Seriously though, several months back I was hit up by a website who wanted to run an interview with me. I was like “F’SHO!”, answered the questions and submitted ’em.  But ultimately some stuff came up and the page was unable to post the interview. (JUST ADMIT YOU’RE EMBARRASSED OF ME! JUST ADMIT IT! /cries in a corner)

So, below is that interview! I figured I might as well, like, use it and stuff.


What made you decide to start up your web page/site? Why did you go with the name the blonde nerd? (outside of the fact you are a nerd who is blonde, lol)

Many a year ago (like, back in 2009) I found myself bored with my job and with no real hobby to speak of. I mean, I loved video games and gaming, but I felt like sitting on my ass hours a day wasn’t going to get me anywhere. So, I started blogging on IGN! Fast forward two years later and I was still blogging on IGN. By that time I had accrued a small following, so I thought I might as well begin growing my OWN brand and my own name, thus!

And yeah, the name itself stems from the obvious. (Fun fact: I tried really hard to get, but it was taken! Now, though, I’m so glad I ended up with BlondeNERD!) 

What kind of reactions have you seen to your page/site? Do you get more love than hate, an equal bit of both, etc.

Thankfully my internet-friends and readers are extremely respectful, so it’s very rare when I get a troll. I make a point to respond to every comment left on my website and actually get to know the people commenting, so that might have something to do with it! 

What is your favorite and least favorite part of running a page and website?

My favorite is by FAR getting to know new people. Like I said above, I make a point to respond to every comment left on my website, and because of this I’ve met SO many fun people! My least favorite…hmm…probably running into technical issues on the back-end. (Is that what she said?) I’m tech savvy, sure, but when plug-ins and apps start going batshit crazy on me, I get lost so hard. 

Are you a nautral blonde? And in regards to being a nerd…what are your favorite things to do nerd out on? Games, movies, manga, etc 

::puffs chest out:: I am a natural blonde! ::exhales:: My hair isn’t naturally as blonde as it is now, but hey. Underneath all of that bleach is real blonde hair, albeit it’s a bit darker. ;D

As far as nerding out…hmmm. If you put me in the middle of a convention (whether it’s a comiccon, video game expo,  zombiecon, whatever) I get so freakin’ excited and I start buying everything in sight. I love love LOVE the atmosphere of cons — so many people that share the same interests as you all in one place. I also begin borderline-hyperventilating if you put me in the middle of anything related to medieval times. I love that stuff.

So, in a nutshell I nerd out to almost anything and anything. ;D

 If you had to pick your favorite male and female character in games or anime, etc, who would they be?

Oooh. This is a toughie. Right now I’m really digging Lara Croft, so I’d have to say she’s my number one pick as far as females go. As far as males…well, I’ll have to stay true to Britt fashion and say Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins. (Although Nathan Drake is a close second!)  

If you could send a message to the entire nerd world, what would it be and why?

I guess this applies to those of us who want to break into the industry, but here goes!

GET ACTIVE! Write, blog, take photos, record yourself gaming, make video blogs, do whatever it takes to get yourself out there and noticed. Now, I’m not saying to go to extremes, but I’m also not saying don’t go streaking whilst screaming the name of your favorite video game, either…

Lastly, if you were stuck in the zombie apocalypse and had to pick ONE character from a game or anime, one weapon from a game or anime and one suit of armor from a game or anime, what would it be and why?

OH MY GOD. This is the question to top all questions.

Character: Y’know, I think Kratos would be super helpful during a zombie apocalypse. That guy is an extreme badass not to mention he’s strong as an ox. And from what I can gather, he’s not too shabby in the bedroom either.

Weapon: The Morph-O-Ray from Ratchet and Clank. Think about it — every zombie would turn into a chicken, and BOOM. There’s your meal for the day.  

Armor: I would rock a Big Daddy suit so hard. TRY BITING INTO THAT, YOU UNDEAD ASSWIPES.





  1. You are so awesome! You’re like…my…super-trendy-kickass-hero/rolemodel C:
    Glad to see I’m not the only one obsessed with medieval ages – how frickin’ rad would it be to go to a Renaissance Fair? :D

    • AWWWW. Thank you! I actually want to go to a RF this summer! I think there’s a pretty gnarly one around here. (And yes, I just said gnarly.)

  2. i went to a renaissance fair once kinda cool. and i woulda chose goku as my pick for zombie apocolypse.

  3. I have to admit, that Morph-O-Ray answer was genius. I love Ratchet and Clank but I probably never would have thought of that.

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