I’m John Marston’ing All Weekend



Ladies and gentlemen, I’m being one of those crazy bitches who leaves the comfort of their home during Memorial Day weekend. Why? BECAUSE I’M CRAZY AND ENJOY SITTING IN TRAFFIC FOR HOURS ON END.

But for serious, it’s sort of a belated birthday gift so I’m getting out of the big ol’ city and trading it for a land of, well, John Marston-esque types of things. I mean, look at that town! It’s so cute and quite frankly makes me want to replay Red Dead Redemption all over again. But this ain’t my first rodeo to the lil’ town: I visited Winthrop, WA several years back and blogged about it under my old IGN blog.

If you’d like to read about the shenanigans that took place back in September of 2010, have a gander below. (“Gander?” Seriously, Britt?) I’ve taken the liberty to paste the whole thing (it was so much work) and you might be particularly interested in the last story. I ended up meeting some guy that worked for Bungie shortly after their partnership with Activision had been announced and he was sporting a shirt with the Destiny logo on it (unbeknownst to me at the time, of course). Well, true to Britt perverted-fashion I thought the logo looked like the shocker. Yupppp.

My Weekend RAWKED

September 29th, 2010:

Last weekend I took a mini vacation with some friends and drove several hours to the small town on Winthrop, WA. Of course I was immediately drawn to it’s RDR-esque nature. Unfortunately I didn’t run into any real-life cowboys, but some PRETTY interesting things happened. Like almost POTENTIALLY getting some deets on the new Bungie game. Bah.

Highlights of the trip:

* A friend of mine had been trying to hit on this stunning brunette all night. This was exceptionally difficult due to her barbaric entourage (entourage being the horde of six girlfriends that wouldn’t stop squawking every time a human with anything resembling a penis came within a 5 foot radius of her—though it was EXTREMELY evident she was more than willing to put herself out there to swap digits and exchange saliva). Once her bodyguards dispersed he made his move. They were in the middle of intense drunken flirtation when she keeled over and spewed a mixture of martinis and other cocktails all over the floor.  He got her phone number.

* A few of us woke up extra early and explored the isolated hills of Eastern Washington via horseback. It was my second time on a horse and while I had to fight the urge to scramble off of the animal immediately upon placing my arse upon the saddle (to say I was nervous would be an understatement), I absolutely LOVED horseback riding. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful and it was SUCH a relaxing experience. Of course I nerded out for a few moments and pretended to be a female version of John Marston. But you guys won’t tell anyone, right? ((Note to self: I –MUST- go hunting via horseback before I die.))

* We were “pitching our tents” *snort* so to speak in this adorable hotel-condo hybrid that had been split up into three different rooms. We had the bottom floor, and thus had the pleasure of listening to our unknown neighbors banging unknown objects and/or body parts against their floor/our ceiling into the wee hours of the morning. I swear I heard “THE SHARK GOT LOOSE!” coming from their room at least once.

*As a friend and I were chit-chatting at an outside table (did I mention the weather was GORGEOUS?) he pointed to a man sitting behind me with two children and I noticed the man was wearing a shirt that had the infamous BUNGIE logo on the back. For a second I was internally debating with myself whether or not I should say something, but like I said that debate only lasted a second.

I asked him if he worked for Bungie, and he said he did. I then congratulated him on Reach which prompted him to politely thank me and ask if I had played it yet. I sheepishly said no, but that it was on my list of things to play (just like a thousand other titles from past-gen consoles as well—but I didn’t make mention of that). I asked if he was ready to move onto “bigger things” (aka hinting around Bungie’s multi-plat publishing deal with Activision) and he said something to the effect that it’s a little scary moving on, which is understandable.

He then pointed to the image on the FRONT of his shirt and said, “Actually, this shirt is from our upcoming game.” Unfortunately for me, the image was obstructed due to the bagginess of the shirt.

I could have demanded that he show me stretched out his shirt to give me a better look (and maybe that’s what I should have done) but I didn’t want to be (what I thought would have been) obnoxiously nosey seeing as I had shown no interest in his shirt before. I managed to sneak a peek but was nearing the point of exhaustion and suffered delirious-short-term-memory loss. I glanced down at it and said, “Oh! I was wondering what that was!” ::awkward chuckle::

After a few more casual minutes of chit-chat, we said our goodbyes.

Looking back on it now, I wish I would have taken a better glance at the image. The best description I have is that it resembled a luminescent hand (and here is where I know I am 100% completely off of my rocker) that, I kid you not, looked like it was throwing up the shocker.  Of course this can’t be true but is only a result of my delirious, albeit perverted, state of mind and an obstructed image, but I gave you the best I got.

Because I seriously doubt the motto for Bungie’s new IP is going to be “Two in the pink, one in the stink”.


  1. We went there last summer for a weekend motorcycle trip. You should definitely check out Old Schoolhouse Brewery while you’re there!

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