Destiny Hype Trailer


Bungie released this hype trailer not too long ago, but like, it was a bit ago (as in yesterday) so chances are you’ve already seen it. If you haven’t, however, sit back, relax, scratch your nuts (or bewbs) and enjoy.

DIDJA WATCH IT?! Soooo…what did you think?!

I think it looks cool (for lack of a better word) and definitely does what it’s supposed to, which is to build hype and curiosity about the destiny of Destiny. (See what I did thare?). HOWEVER. How-freaking-ever, I find myself distracted by the IRL cutscene featuring the father reading to his son. If I remember correctly, Quantum Break also has an IRL cutscene featuring a woman and a wonked out kid. Am I the only one this kind of, you know, irritates?

I mean, I’m playing a video game. I expect to see computer generated graphics because, dammit, that’s all part of this fictional world I want to immerse myself in. But when you throw IRL actors and video game characters into the mix I’m pulled out of my immersion because I feel like I’m dealing with two different characters and two different realities at that point. I *know* that the character I spend 40+ hours controlling (assuming it’s an RPG I’m playing in this instance) isn’t the “same” character portrayed in cutscenes.

Then there’s the factor that the actor — who has an actual life,  face, name, voice, etc. — will always be associated with the fictional character, and I’m sorry, but whatever that actor does with his/her IRL life will affect my fictional character. Does that make sense? I don’t want to read about Commander Shepard the Fourth getting a DUI and badmouthing a police officer right after an emotional ending to his/her campaign in Mass Effect 13.


Whew, I went on a little rant there didn’t I? Ahem. In any case, let me know your thoughts! :D <3


  1. loved it! While I do not share your disdain for real actors doing live action cutscenes I do think in this context it was a rather odd choice. I don’t think the father reading the book to his kid will end up having any part in the actual game. I know Bungie likes make live action trailers and it seems that there is a trend of blending live action in. A trend I personally don’t think is wise, CG still does not blend seemlessly with real film but when you invest in such a well known actor you might as well get a 3D body scan. It works well and adds a tremendous amount of life to 3D models all while keeping everything rooted distinctly in the same world. Personally I don’t like the cutting to and from real life and pre rendered CG. It taints the product as a whole then again who knows how this trailer got cut up and rearranged. Maybe there is an extended trailer with single cut from father telling a story to the kid and then getting into awesomesauce pre-rendered action. That would be the ideal compromise for me.
    But yeah the CG was crazy awesome! I feel a big reveal coming up at E3 from Bungie.

    • “Personally I don’t like the cutting to and from real life and pre rendered CG.” That’s what I don’t like. I don’t mind the 3D modeling — maybe I should have been more clear. The back and forth is what bothers me! Like, keep my character all comput’rd. ;D

      • Then we are in agreement! keep your live action in your pants Bungie flash it once if you have too but don’t take it out whenever there is a lull in the action.
        This is way to short form to have numerous cuts back to the actor. Essentially the two feel like seperate worlds, and it is jarring to have to so quickly switch back and forth you never get to settle in to the story telling(in some way they are seperate worlds, the reality the father is living in is one of peace where he just knows about the crazy shit the player characters are doing and the other is…horrifying space monsters and super powers. Or they are just on seperate planets HUR HUR!)
        Basically this doesn’t have the length necessary to justify the number of cuts. For example if we took the movie “The Princess Bride” and replaced all the story stuff with CG it wouldn’t be nearly as jarring.
        I apologize for this long winded reply I have a tendency to nerd out on this kind of thing and I am trying to rationalize why the live action cuts bother you and I.

  2. I actually only watched it because I heard Giancarlo Esposito is in it. I don’t have much excitement for the game itself, but I love me some Giancarlo Esposito. If anything seeing this trailer has ruined him for me as Gus Fring on Breaking Bad, because he was the most badass of badasses on there, and now he’s a lame dad reading to his kid.

    So the solution here is that you need to watch Breaking Bad. Don’t ask me why, it just is. =)

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