ZomBcon: My Encounter with Sam Trammell and Norman Freedus

When my friend Erin and I showed up to zomBcon we saw a table. Not just any table. My friends, on this table was a sexy, white piece of paper that peacefully rested on a black tablecloth that read Sam Trammell.

Yeah, we even took a photo.

Hours later, after a tall glass of liquid courage (aka Bud Light) Erin and I were walking past aforementioned table when there was He. I, in a fit of fan girl fever, quickly turned a corner and pressed myself against a wall and tried to catch my breath (again, I drank a tall ass Bud Light on an empty stomach). Erin found me and we came up with a game plan to meet him. Unfortunately, that game plan ultimately lead to Erin getting yelled at my some makeshift-security guard hyped up on Mountain Dew after she took a candid photo of Mr. Trammell.


Despite the hate we were already receiving from the “security guard”, I decided to awkwardly stand in a line that didnt exist and wait for two people in front of me (who were rudely hogging up my time with Mr. Trammell) to disperse. When they finally did

Me: **slightly slurred** Sam, Im a huge fan and I love you on True Blood.

Sam: Thank you!

Erin: **appears out of nowhere** We saw your table earlier that had your name on it! We even took a picture of that!

Sam: Oooh! *awkward laugh*

Me: Yeah, were obsessed fans like that.

Me: so, you enjoying zomBcon?

Sam: Yeah! I mean I just got here so

Me: Oh! Well uh nice to meet you *scrambles away*

Bahahaha. Why are wesmooth? Man, we have so much “game” its practically oozing out of our pores.

Oh, Norman Reedus also walked right past us, and when he was still about 20 or so feet away Erin started frantically nudging my side saying OMGOMGOMG!


  1. After reading this I have determined that the bottom line of the “awkwardness” that occurred is ME. Seriously, if I would have not said “we took a picture of a sign w/ your name” the convo would have been mediocre as opposed to we-todd-did. Suuurrriously. But do I regret it? FUCK NO! hahaha Brom, your the bestest bestie ever.

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