HAHAHAHA: Nintendo 3DS Price Cut


I’m laughing at you, Mr. “Hey Britt, you’re crazy to think there will be a 3DS price drop!”

::hums to self while copying and pasting from a past post::


June 16th, 2011

Do I sense a [3DS] price cut?

You may have heard of a little device called PSVita Pita Pocket (God, I love calling it that). You may have also heard that it’s retailing for the EXACT SAME PRICE as a Nintendo 3DS. Uh, wait. So, I could have a mini-portable PlayStation 3 that sports games like, I don’t know, UNCHARTED in my purse? Let’s face it, when you compare the specs for these two side to side, Sony has Nintendo beat…and trust me, I say that from neutral, untainted ground. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo drops the price of the 3DS in the not-so-distant future.

That “not-so-distant future” happened to be a month and 11 days away, as today Nintendo announced a whopping $80 3DS price drop effective August 12.


So I ask myself this: Will I NOW purchases a 3DS?

My answer? Hell nah.

What games are there to entice me? Ocarina of Time…uh…Ocarina of Time and Ocarina of Time. Where’s Mario? Where’s Luigi’s Mansion? Where’s Mario Kart? WHERE IS DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS 3DS?!?!?!

Okay, minus Dragon Age: Origins, the other games are things that are happening. However they’re not, um, out yet. But more importantly, I own practically the same aforementioned games on my Wii. Example: if I start craving some Mario, I can sit down and finish Mario Galaxy 2. If I need a racing fix, I can fire up Mario Kart Wii. So here’s the way I see it: Why purchase a new platform to play another rehash?

But Britt, what about Luigi’s Mansion 2? Well anonymous voice, while Luigi’s Mansion is a fun lil’ chap to play with, I can’t justify spending $170 PLUS the cost of game to play it. Oh, and MGS: Snake Eater has been delayed into 2012. Sooo….

Admittedly I’ve been slacking a bit and haven’t paid much attention to 3DS news, so perhaps a new killer IP has been announced and I haven’t heard of it yet. Has there?





  1. I couldn’t find a comment mocking your prediction. Are you sure you’re not taking creative liberties? :O

  2. sonys big push was that they were releasing somthing vastly superior (and with actual games you could play not just prommises that there would be eventualy) for the same price so im hoping the vita will get a price cut to match the new 3ds price, but maybe thats to much to ask i dont know what the profit line is for sony a cut like that might make it fall to far into the red.

    • Do you think Sony will justify their 250 dollar price tag with Nintendo’s latest cut? Like, “Clearly the 3DS wasn’t worth $250 but the PSVita Pita Pocket is!”

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