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Welcome to Britt5091: Origins, where I dig up old blog posts I used to write for IGN’s community under the username Britt5091. Some posts may make you giggle, some may make your eyes bleed, and some may make you stroke your beard in a pensive manner. All you need to know is that these posts, no matter how terrible some of them may be, ultimately lead to everything I do now.


I found a scary pic of me (completely random)…

June 25th, 2009

You’ve been warned.

What captions could we come up with for this bad boy?

Best one gets a virtual high five! (Sorry no beta codes to give away!)


Britt’s Note:

Ah yes. Filler post is filler. Actually, this photo was taken around Halloween of 200…9? Maybe earlier? CRAZY. I was a whacked-out blonde version of Wonder Woman.



  1. Whacked-out, indeed!

    I can’t tell if you’re burping, getting ready to vomit, or doing your best zombie groan. I’m going with option B.

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