Guinness World Record Holder of Most Video Games Isn’t Me

MIchael Thomasson


The godly man your unworthy eyeballs are gazing upon above is Michael Thomasson, Guinness World Record holder for the largest video game collection. Are you ready for this? His collection tips the scales at a recorded 10,607 titles. (After the counting crew left he found a few other stashes — which is something I can totally relate to — and he believes his collection well exceeds 11,000.)

So, uh, to put MYSELF into perspective I only have a mere 1,000 titles. And here I thought I was Queen Turd of Shit Mountain, you know? Granted Mister Thomasson has some years on me — he’s 45 — , but that STILL means I have only 20 years to catch up to him.

…20 years?! I’M GOING TO BE 45 IN 20 YEARS?! Kill me now. ;______; (HAHA. Just kidding. I love all you old folks.) (AHAAAAAAHAHAHA)

The really crazy part is that this isn’t the collection that’s been with him from the beginning — it’s his third. He sold his first collection for a Genesis, and in 1998 he sold everything once again to pay for his wedding.

The Associated Press has a great article on him over on their website. You should totally check it out so we can cry together.



  1. This is ridiculously obscene lol. I’m a collector, I don’t sell my games if I can help it, but I probably have 100 games or so at this point? I don’t know for sure. It’s not too out of control at this point. But still…11,000 games? How many of them has he played and beat? Lol…what does he do for a job to be able to afford all of this? I don’t understand lol…

  2. From the article it seems like both he and the previous record holder are much more collectors than players. (Averaging about “three hours a week”, I bet you’ve had week long benders that beat his playing time for a year.) Your collection is more ‘I loved playing this/love this franchise/this game looks awesome collection where all the ‘pretties’ you buy are an extension of your love of the games.

    That being said, it’s an impressive collection. Especially being able to buy around 700 games a year on a $3000 budget (some of the nostalgia systems and titles can get pricey).

    I thought I knew about most of the old systems, but I am curious how a VHS based video game works.

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