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MMO comic

I got a kick out of this comic, especially since I’ve been playing quite a bit of Asheron’s Call lately. AND IT’S SO TRUE. Like, this comic is a thing that encompasses most, if not all, of the MMOs I’ve ever played. I mean, I feel like I can pick up a sword called “THE MOST AMAZING SWORD EVER AND IT’S MADE OUT OF DRAGON BONES AND UNICORN BARF!” and someone will be all, “PSSSH. My Mere Dagger of Buttsex has has higher stats than your THE MOST AMAZING SWORD EVER AND IT’S MADE OUT OF DRAGON BONES AND UNICORN BARF weapon.”

Oh well. I guess that’s part of the MMO territory. AND I STILL LOVE IT SO HARD. Although, admittedly I rarely compare each and every stat. If I’m choosing between two weapons I’ll, uh, look at the monetary value. Because that’s totally legit. But not really. I’ve lost many ‘a good weapons that way.

Yeah. I gotta work on that.


  1. It makes a lot of the final weapons, the ones they give you after you beat the main quest line, look bad. I go through the game waiting to get the final sword and I end up selling it cause I already have a better one. It can make weapon upgrading anticlimactic at times :P

  2. Skyrim… The Galdur Amulet?!?!? The three brothers stole the amulet from their father and proceeded to use it’s power to take over most of the world! We broke it apart and buried it’s pieces with great defenders to ensure no one has that kind of power!!!

    Complete quest, gain an amulet that gives you +25 in health, magicka, and stamina… I found a better amulet on some random bandit dude on the road a hundred feet back… Not to mention the amulet of +5,000,000 damage I just created myself.

  3. I think the first time I noticed this was Fable. I was playing through and there’s the sword you have to pull from the stone and it’ll make you super powerful or whatever. Then I looked it up and it was hardly any different than the sword I was already carrying. And then there’s the sword at the end of the game (The Sword of Aeon or something?) that was the entire point of the game, but a mythical dragon sword thing I got from a sidequest was actually more powerful and had better stats than anything else. And then Skyrim.

    • Bwhahahaha. “Ugh, Skyrim.” Yeah. I feel like you find the best weapons either A) on random homeboys or B) via side-quests.

    • Oh yeah. I found one of my best weapons in Borderlands only a few hours in! Granted I couldn’t use it for some time, but when I could I was set for the entire game.

  4. That’s funny that you mentioned that you have been playing AC. I saw this, and was like “Hmm.. this sounds just like Asheron’s Call.”

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