Dragon Age: Origins Log #2

My goal for Monday night was to reach Lothering. So, far how did I get?

Drumroll please…

…::head desk:: I DIDN’T EVEN PLAAAY.

To make the sting hurt even more, Monday also happened to be one of those nights when I had nothing to do. And in my life, those nights are rarer than metal slimes.

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

So, what did I spend my night doing? I can’t quite remember, but I’m sure my body was splayed on a couch somewhere watching True Blood. That being said, I was able to spend an hour and a half or so playing Dragon Age late last night.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to Lothering, but I finished up business in the Korcari Wilds and the pre-battle quests in Ostagar. Now I just need to drink the Darkspawn blood and *Spoilers* watch Daveth and Ser Jory die a miserable death. YIPEE!

Something that is delaying my progression in the game is the codex. Like I said before, I’m reading e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I am fascinated with the back story of Dragon Age, so I spend several minutes picking apart each word and sentence, searching for something I might have missed in one of my past run-throughs. I’m also practically interrogating any NPC that will talk to me.

Although I didn’t get far last night, I jotted down a few things down I found interesting:

The Dragon-Gods: Upon reading the codex entry “The Grey Wardens” I found the last snippet of text to be interesting. It reads as follows: “… [the Grey Wardens’] war continues until the last of the dragon-gods is gone.”. Since there are seven dragon-gods total, four of which have risen and been destroyed (as of the start of DA:O), we know there are three dragons that are still slumbering underground. According to Bioware forums, *Spoilers* Urthemiel is the archdemon we defeat at the end of Origins. So when we leave Dragon Age: Origins, we leave two slumbering dragon-gods, which you know are going to eventually rise up and wreak havoc.

Now, I will be honest and admit I know almost nothing about Dragon Age 2. I’m assuming the story will revolve around blight in one way or another. So, let’s assume we slay an archdemon in DA 2. That would leave another one chillin’ underground somewhere. Whiiiiich means more Dragon Age. HALLELUJAH!

 The Fade: A lot about the Fade is unknown, unless one believes everything the Chantry says. But I found this theory of the Fade interesting: Mortals can’t affect the Fade, but the spirits can. The spirits themselves lack ambition and imagination, so they peer into mortal’s minds and build “elaborate” copies of the mortals thoughts, fears, ideas and people in order to get a taste of life for themselves. So, when a mortal dreamer is in the fade, everything they see around them is a rendition of some part of the mortal’s mind built by a spirit. Kinda obvious stuff, but I thought it was neat-o.

And here are a few random story tidbits:

*May contain spoilers*

  • King Maric married Rowan, daughter of Arl Rendorn Guerrin of Redcliffe. Rowan was the sister of Arl Eamon (current Arl of Redcliffe in DA:O) and Ban Teagan. Maric was betrothed to Rowan at a young age. 
  • An abomination is a human or elf possessed by a demon. A maleficar is a mage who practices blood magic. An apostate is a mage that does not belong to the Circle of Magi. If you want to get specific, there are two types of apostates: hedge mages, who never belonged to the Circle, and a rouge mages, who ran away. GOT IT?!

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  1. I love everything that has to do with Dragon Age’s story, it is such a gritty take on medieval fantasy. Elves are slaves and their immortality was sapped by being around man awesome. Mages are chastised because they once ruled the world with an iron fist during the Tevinter Imperium double awesome. Every bit of Dragon Age lore is filled to the brim with the perfect mixture of believability and fantasy.
    I still need to read the books though. then again that could be the last bit of poison I intake before I go on a spending binge buying everything with the Dragon Age label and eat nothing but Top Ramen for a while.

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