Dragon Age: Origins Log #1

I said I’d make a log entry every time I played Dragon Age: Origins. But Britt, you say, this is the first entry! Where are the others? Surely you have been playing Dragon Age: Origins non-stop since you created this log over a week ago!

Heeeeeh ^_^;;(\

….I’ve only played for an hour. And that was on Sunday.

::cue the crickets::

I know, I know. It’s terrible. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish the game and all of its DLC by next Tuesday (::ahem:: EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Dragon Age 2 comes out next Tuesday!) but I’m sure going to try my darndest, gee golly whiz and other old-fashioned sayings.

Let’s get onto it, then!

Naturally, seeing as I am female and am enamored by the idea of being God, creating my character took up half of the hour. …What? Don’t look at me like that—character creation is not to be taken lightly. Think about it; you’re stuck with your creation for the entirety of the game! And who knows, maybe this character will make an appearance in a sequel? If and when you see that character again you don’t want it to be awkward. Like…”Ooh, I created THAT?” ::shameshame::

When I was convinced my human warrior resembled yours truly as much as possible, I got rollin’. And for those of you that don’t know, rollin’= 20 minutes of solid gaming until I had to move things over to my Woman Cave.

Spoilers: Within those 20 minutes I met Arl Howe (BOO!), discovered that the blush I put on my character looked like a huge yellow bruise (damn you terrible lighting!), recruited my mabari hound (YAY!) and found my sister-in-law and my nephew dead in the room (SAD).

I’m reading every single Codex entry I come across, so that took up a few extra minutes as well. But other than that, I haven’t come across anything new yet. I don’t have too many things on my plate for tonight, so my goal is to make it to Lothering.

If I make it that far, I’m so buying myself a cookie.

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  1. Sooooo..how many copies of Dragon Age 2 are you buying day 1??? haha.. I still haven’t played Dragon Age: Origins but its on the massive list.. =/ I’m so behind


    • oh yeah. I was wondering about that as well … “hmm? didn’t she already started RE-playing it last week?” and yes, character creation is NOT to be taken lightly >:3

  3. After trading in a bunch of games, I got the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age on 360 and, since starting Friday, have played 15 hours. I am a sick man and need help/

  4. yic17: I’m glad you share the same, erm, passion that I do XD
    Matt: MATT JOOOONES! No, that means you are a very wise and healthy man who knows what’s good for him. Keep it up ;)

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