Dragon Age: Inquisition Release Date/New Trailer

Before I completely fangirl all over the place, let’s talk deets — Dragon Age: Inquisition will release in North America on October 7th for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Europe, you get it on October 10th.


I mean, really, what else is there to say? (Besides sexual sounds, that is.) The characters look sexy, the game looks sexy, the music sounds sexy, this entire thing just reeks of sexiness and to be frank I want it in my mouth.

I know, I know — some of you (namely a chap named Boots) will expect me to buy a million copies of this game. BUT LET ME TELL YOU THAT WON’T HAPPEN. I’ll only get two. While I prefer to play Dragon Age on PC, I’m absolutely going to pick up a console version as well. Because, uh…because maybe I’ll want to try it out on a console. Actually, my first playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins was on the 360 so, um, yeah, that justifies it.  And with Dragon Age: Keep a thing I’ll be able to customize any experience. SO BOOM. Justification complete.

If you want to be like me, you can pre-order the Digital Deluxe version. If you don’t, there’s also an option for the Standard.

Now excuse me while I hump everything. I’m like an excited dog.


  1. Do we know what the digital deluxe version entails yet? Also, I too will be playing on console for the first time since my PC is woefully out of date to be handling all this bizness.

  2. Well, since I don’t play on PC, I won’t be going with digital deluxe pre-order, but you know I’ll be all over console. Now I’ll have to decide between PS4 and XBONE, maybe I’ll just pull a you and get both :P

  3. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS SCREENSHOT OF MORRIGAN!? Good lawd she looks like she’s turning into Flemeth forreals

  4. Is it already October? Preordered! And while I’m normally playing a lot more on PC, I ordered this one for PS3 – maybe because of the warm and fuzzy memories playing DA Origins ♥

    Please Brit! I know you won’t be able to communicate a lot after release, but as we have to wait a few days longer here in Europe, please send out some words of excitement on how it is… to us over here – waiting!

  5. Congrats on your gift from Bioware.

    I don’t like Morrigans looks or Cassandra’s looks.Got into it with Gaider back when I was on the BSN.


    I guess it’s unrealistic to want your female characters to be beautiful women..I can almost hear Maurice Chevalier singing in the background.

    Something like this:


    Those were the days.I am dating myself. But being a sentimental old fool one has standards, which some of the artwork on DAI fails to live up to.

    But if everything else is ok, maybe we can grin and bear it.

    Good luck to you young lady.

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