Dragon Age Curls My Short Hairs

Ladies and gentlemen, a few weeks back I headed over to MetalJesusRocks‘ abode and he and his wife served me alcohol and were pretty much the best people ever. We recorded two shorts, the Dragon Age video you see above and another one that will hopefully be out soon! :D

Oh, and in case you didn’t know — the internet knows my deep, dark secret. I’m an attention seeking, desperate blonde bimbo who has sex with everyone. The YouTube comments say so. ;D


  1. Good to know where you fall on the F/U/S spectrum, since you’re a gamer and a girl, you HAVE to fall on it somewhere.

    The lamp post comparison makes me feel a little squidgy.

    Falling under the category of ‘things you may not realized you needed to know’ :

    If you put an infant in a Baby Bjorn and sit on a yoga ball, you can appear to be a doting father, helping your significant other get some rest, AND still play enough Titanfall to not have your skills atrophy.

      • Turns out that it’s the only way to get our son to take a nap in the morning; I’m slowly converting my wife to play games on a console because ‘it helps the baby sleep.’ Also, you get a killer upper-and-lower back workout.

        • Sounds good to me :-). The only issue is when he starts crawling and walking and talking. Then I guess you need to be more careful what he sees/hears on the screen. While GTA5 + toddler would be amusing…it’s probably not as funny if it’s your own child yelling swear words at strangers :-).

          • I’ve written a fair amount about age-appropriate gaming, so I hear you – fortunately, there are games like Rayman and Stacking and Fruit Ninja that you can play with a little person without anyone learning…creative phrases. Stuff like Watch Dogs and Mass Effect (and, yes, Britt, Dragon Age) can wait until after bedtime. I’ve got a good 8-12 months before we have to worry about any words, though ;)

          • Well congrats on your new baby! Enjoy him and teach him the ways of video gaming…sounds like you are already doing a great job at both! And yes, thank goodness there are so many great games that all people can enjoy. That’s one of the reasons I still love Nintendo.

          • Thanks! And yes…I may have to go ‘back’ to Nintendo at some point; there will be no 8 year olds playing M-rated games, TYVM.

  2. Brittney, that was the first MetalJesusRocks video I’ve ever seen and it was hilarious, well maybe you being in 90% of it had something to do with it :D But seriously that was really cool and interesting to see you in a different style of video than you normally make. Plus that ending…… hahaha

  3. Thanks so much for coming on my channel and taking me out like a LINEBACKER! :) BTW: Our 2nd video is coming this Friday. Hopefully the YT comments will be kinder… those rat bastards! :)

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