Next-Gen Call of Duty Screenshot Revealed WOW MUCH DETAIL

First CoD image

::drops mic::

HAHAHAHAHAjustkidding ::picks it up::

So, ladies and gentlemen, we have another CoD in our near future. This one is being hatched by Sledgehammer Games (Modern Warfare 3) and, uh, that’s all I got. Er…I mean, LOOK AT THOSE PORES! PORES CONFIRMED.

I’m sorry. That was so stupid.

But like always, I want to know what my brethren want from the next Call of Duty game. This bad boy has been in development for nearly three years, so I expect at least one unicorn.


  1. I could use some realistic shooting and less mods. control I guess is what im searching for. they make em ultra realistic but can jump, 360 and snipe me with a head shot. im over it… need real.

  2. I’m sorry, all of the Call of Duties since Modern Warfare #2 have just reaked of reiterated content ontop of cloned content. They need to put the nail in the coffin of Call of Duty and move onto something else.

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