Dragon Age: I love you, but…


God, I’ve really sucked at keeping an updated log. I’m sure you’ll be as happy as I am to know that I FINISHED DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS! Actually, I finished it a few weeks ago. Aren’t you ecstatic? No? Well I was. Screw you.

If there were two things I could not so much change as much as upgrade in Dragon Age: Origins, I would beef up the dialogue options between myself and my party members. And for the love of God—I’d give them a digital brain so they could realistically react to the ever-changing story around them.

The characters in Dragon Age: Origins are some of the most well-designed and interesting characters I’ve ever… uh…met…in a game. Each character has a considerable amount of history, which is revealed to the player as their approval ratings rise. Because I thrive on interesting characters, the first thing I do upon recruiting a party member is woo and impress them with sophisticated chatter, lavish gifts and my pen collection. Before I know it, they’ve told me their life story and are practically clawing at my tent for a chance to boink my Grey Warden.

First of all, damn I’m good. But now I have a problem: I’m stuck with stagnant characters. Now whenever I initiate conversation with someone at camp, they tell me the same ol’ stories. Apparently, once a character has an approval rating high enough, they no longer have anything new to say, because different dialogue options are no longer presented.

Okay, maybe they don’t want to tell me anymore about their personal lives. But wouldn’t you think after significant plot points the characters would have SOMETHING to say? Sure, Alistair bitched at me at camp after killing Isolde at Redcliffe, and sometimes a character in your immediate party will spout off a one-liner, but other than that? Plot points are rarely, if never, discussed amongst your party unless it involves a character’s personal quest. I want to know how Morrigan felt about the annulment of the Circle of Magi, and what Alistair thought about the Templars joining us in the battle against the Darkspawn/Archdemon. What was Zevran’s honest opinion about Zathrian?

To somewhat mend my bitching, I have to factor in that your immediate party will have conversations amongst themselves. The banter between Ogrhen and Zevran is always priceless—and listening to Lelianna give Alistair relationship advice is downright hilarious. But these short chats aren’t common, and to experience them all would require constant companion swapping and a LOT of free time, as these conversations only spark while aimlessly wandering around.

Truth is, I’m only bitching about this because Bioware has done a fantastic job creating their characters. The depth is there, dudes, you created it, why not showcase it? I really hope this is something that’s improved upon in Dragon Age 2.*

*AGAIN. DON’T TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT DRAGON AGE 2. Literally, nothing. I don’t even want to know what hair styles are available for Hawke. LOL. Sorry for being a Nazi, but someone posted what I consider a spoiler on my last Dragon Age post, and it made me a sad panda L.

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  1. Well then I guess I shouldnt tell you that they all die in the nuclear apocalypse at the end of the game. Is it obvious yet that I have never played either of these games?

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