Divinity: Original Sin II Announced JDSKFJDS:KFJDS:L


THIS IS JUST THE BEST DAY EVER. First a Resident Evil 2 remake is announced, and then I catch wind of this?! Oh MAAAAAAAAN. Excuse me while I party until the cows come home, or whatever that old-person saying is.

Anyway, Larian Studios will be launching Divinity: OS II’s Kickstarter on August 26th. If you recall, the last Divinity: OS was also crowdfunded, so this isn’t much of a surprise, but if you’d like more deets on WHY Larian Studios is traversing the crowdfunding route once again, check out this blog. Now, if the wait until August 26th is killing you (like it is me) you can head o’er here and take a gander at some of the potential Kickstarter rewards and vote for your favorites.

Spoilers (not really): I loved the SHIT out of Divinity: Original Sin. And at E3 I had the chance to — get this — drink beer with the team and play Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. WTF. Seriously, highlight of E3 right there.

Even MOOOOOOOOORE exciting is that I have an appointment to go hands-on with Divinity: Original Sin II later this month at PAX Prime. Holy buttshells I can’t fucking wait. This is just great, great news. Are you guys excited?! UMFFFFFFffffffff


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