Best Resident Evil Cosplay I’ve Ever Seen Holy Shiiiii

Okay, real talk. If you were, let’s say, walking down a deserted street at night and this motherfucker just happens to be, like, chillin’ around a corner and you suddenly find yourself face-to-face with him, what would you do? Like, REALLY. What would you REALLY do? Because I’m 100 fucking percent convinced I would let out the loudest and most dying-esque scream I could muster and would scramble away tripping over myself as I let the urine (and feces) flow.

This is some damn good cosplay. “Damn good” doesn’t even do it justice. Like, holy fuck.

For those of you aren’t entirely sure who this monstrosity is, meet “G” of Resident Evil 2. I won’t say any more than that to avoid spoilers in case you wanna experience the story for yourself, which you totally should, especially since a Resident Evil 2 remake is officially in-works. Trust me. HAVE I EVER STEERED YOU WRONG?! (This logic does not apply to anything Alistair-related.)


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