Dead Inside: Do Not Enter

It’s no secret that I’m kiiiinda a big zombie nut. Like, there was a button in front of me that said “PRESS TO INITIATE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!” I would totally press it–even knowing it would lead to my demise. That’s because A) I <3 Zombies and B) One of my favorite aspects of zombie survival horror is the survival component itself. I get this crazy kick out of observing survivors and the course of action they take in order to survive; not to mention I find it fascinating how these people react during the initial phase of an outbreak. Unfortunately, the possibility of a “PRESS TO INTIIATE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE” button appearing in front of me anytime soon is rather slim, so I turn to novels, films, videogames, etc. to get my vicarious thrill.

One of my other favorite ways of getting this “thrill” is through reading documentation (letters, memos, reports, photos, etc.) related to the outbreak. You know those journal entries you can find scattered throughout the Resident Evil games? Brilliant. I love that kind of stuff, but unfortunately it’s not a common (or easy) way of storytelling.

So a few weekends ago I was at a random bookstore when I spotted this little gem titled Dead Inside: Do Not Enter. Now, this attracted me like it was crack and I was a raging crackhead. Before I knew it I was flipping through the pages and…everything…was…documentation. Letters, photos, warning signs, fliers…they…it…OH MY GOD.

It was seriously like the clouds had parted and a ray of sunshine beamed down on my zombie-obsessed life.

Here are just a few photos of what’s inside:


Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. These specific documents stem from the beginning of the outbreak (believed to be a weird strain of flu) and as you can guess, it doesn’t end up blowing over as everyone would have hoped!

So, from one zombie fanatic to another, I would highly suggest that you check this bad boy out. It’s a unique twist on the genre, and it’ll make you very happy in the pants.

At least it made me happy in the pants…

<3 Britt


  1. I heart you because you heart zombies. I’m also sad inside because I know you won’t survive long enough for me to rescue you. Not that I would try because let’s face it… you’d only slow me down. But if it’s any consolation I’d put one in your brain if you were infected and tried to eat my arm and or leg.

    Everyone That Survived.

  2. Lol I Have A Plan And A Small Book That Is Built For EVERY Survival Technique:The Anarchy Cook Book So I Might Survive I Have Locations Marked Guns Ready And Car Started Now The Hard Part Is Gonna Be Surviving The Crazy Survivors….

  3. Britt if the “Start zombie apocalypse” button did exist you on list of people they would be sure to keep it out of hands of. I can only talk so much, I would press the button too.

    It seems a little bit like World War Z, different survivor’s stories adding up into one larger story. But what a cool twist. Definitely have to make a pilgrimage to my local book store now

  4. We need to have a chat about zombie books. I’m reading The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor right now. It’s not the best writing so far, but gives super cool insight into the Walking Dead comics. Have you read Zombie Haiku (I think that’s what it’s called). Its a series of Haikus about a zombie apocalypse!

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