Mass Effect 3 CE SNAFU: Update


Here’s the current sitrep: 

Target: Nothing new to report on their end. I haven’t received anything new from them indicating whether or not the supposed ME3 CE is still making its way to my doorstep. Last I heard the ETA ranges from 3/5-3/21. How Target came up with 3/5 as a potential shipment date is beyond me…but I guess no news is good news, right? 

GameStop: My name is still on a list that designates me as the third person to receive an additional CE should GameStop receive extras. But I wanted to touch base (again) sooo I paid them a visit on Sunday. Mr. Clerk told me to give them a call sometime between 7 or 8 pm on Monday the 5th, and if they have an additional CE in stock they’ll have me come in and pay it off. If not, I can just show up with the rest of the crowd later on that evening and wait in line, at which point I will plot murder against anyone who has a CE receipt in their hand. I mean…I will congratulate them with a nice firm handshake along with a swift kick to the balls or ovaries. Uh….I’ll give them a nice, safe, distant nod from across the room. 

Make fun of me all you want, but I’m documenting this Mass Effect 3 SNAFU until the damn game releases. It’s like a soap opera—this entire situation is seriously messing with my emotional stability as a gamer AND as a collector. That being said, I suppose if this was truly like a soap opera there would be some baby daddy drama and inner-circle boinking…and I suppose this ME3 SNAFU has none of that. So never mind that bit. 

Either way, I’m going to end up with two CE versions of ME3, one, or none at all. Who knows? All you need to know is that I am now accepting bets. In the form of hot wings. If you’re interested in participating, please send them to my P.O. Box. Thank you. 


<3 Britt


  1. I’m sure you tried this but just incase you didn’t, I (like you) was late to pre order my CE copy and last week I was able to via with store pick up. It might be based off location but it’s worth a shot if for some reason you didn’t try it!

    • I thought I had tried that, but the issue was they were no longer selling the 360 versions. Like, I’d click on Store Pick-Up for the 360 version and it would automatically switch to PS3 since they were sold out. I might have to check it out again!

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