Can I Borrow $550,000?

So, um, this guy is selling his 30 year video game collection on eBay with a starting bid of $550,000. There’s literally 500+ photos on his selling page, so check it out if you want to cause yourself misery and pity. Or, you could check it out if you just want to know what I’m going to be jacking it to every night from now on. Your call.

But damn. I claim to be a collector myself, but homeboy here takes the CAKE. In fact, I don’t even know if I would WANT all of that stuff. (Who am I kidding?) But there has to come a point when you think to yourself, “Okay. I’ve spent 30 years of my life collecting this stuff and for WHAT purpose? What is this going to do for me besides possibly make me, um, $550,000?” …Come to think of it, that’s a pretty decent payback. Then again I don’t even want to know how much he’s spent in the past 30 years on gaming paraphernalia. Hell, I don’t even want to know what I’ve spent on gaming paraphernalia and I own a smidgen of a fraction of what he does. (According to his page there’s over 6,800 games, and 330+ consoles, not to mention the random action figures, replicas, etc.)

I can’t help but wonder if the Videogame History Museum will get in on this. If this collection can’t thrive in my woman cave, the next place I’d love to see it would be there — they frequent conventions and whatnot and allow freaks like myself to oogle, drool and fap over the retro goodness.


  1. OM Jeezuz!!!! I am struck with awe!! not only by the video game collection this guy has but more so with your collection and achievements. Miss Britt my hat is off to you. If you are ever in Boston and you need anything please ask. It would be my honor to show you around town. P.S. EverQuest 2 is way cooler than W.O.W!!!!!

    • I was wondering since you are a JRPG women, have you ever played/finished FF7? I may be jumping the gun here but that is a must play for the average JRPG guy and well the whole Final Fantasy collection was a must play for me. I still find myself trying to kill the Emerald Weapon… He slaps me around like I owe him money. By the end I feel dirty… but I just can’t stop, if your into sick masochistic video game abuse, he is the boss ya wanna tussle with. Anyways what are your thought on this lmao….?????

      • Actuuuallly, I haven’t finished it. I’ve started it several times, gotten about halfway through and for whatever reason (this was years and years ago) I never completed the game. :( I feel like I already know everything that is gonna happen anyway, but someday I’ll do it!

        • This is very tru, I wish they would make something on that level again. It seems like Sony messes up every other FF title, they should just take what people love from all previous titles add it together, add some Chocobo raising and breeding, chop out the “Cheese” and there ya have it, instant video game classic!! Anyways Brit it was good to shoot the proverbial poop. Have a good one and keep doing what ya doing, we love it.

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