So, I Really Liked God of War

God of War

It was only eight days ago I wrote a post about how I wish I could get into God of War and how my pride was preventing me from lowering the difficulty to easy and how I just didn’t give two shits about the franchise, even knowing the impact the series has on the gaming industry.

And I quote (erm, myself):

“I think I spent about three or four hours trying to get into the first God of War (HD) and all I can take away from it was that it had a fun sex minigame.As I scavenge my brain I recall some pretty badass boss battles, too. But, dammit, for whatever reason I couldn’t get into it. This could be because of two reasons:

  1. I suck at hack ‘n slash games. I just do. Button mashing only gets me so far, and once actual combos are required to proceed I get frustrated and rage quit all over my face. See: Bayonetta. But that brings up a good point — I had to lower Bayonetta’s difficulty to easy, but once I did I really enjoyed the freakin’ game . Maybe I should just swallow my gaming pride, accept the fact that hack ‘n slashes just ain’t my forte and play on pussy mode.
  2. The…story? Is there even a story in God of War? I know that’s a silly question — of course there’s a story — but I never got into it. That was probably related to the hack ‘n slash suckery you read about above. I spent so much time rage-quitting I didn’t get into the real meat (ahem) of Kratos.”

Fast forward to today and, um, I think I’m in love with Kratos. In fact I wrapped up God of War in a day in a half and am pumped to start God of War II. My, how things have changed!

Surprisingly lowering the difficulty and playing on easy mode from the get-go didn’t kill my pride like I thought it would. I mean, shit guys — it was still semi-challenging! Well, I should clarify. The battles weren’t too challenging (minus the last one, GRRRRR) but it was some of the death-trappy obstacles and the stupid puzzles that kiiiiiiiiilllllllllled me. Seriously. Don’t even get me started on the tower of blades, or whatever the fuck it’s officially called. Witness my rage.

tower of blades
The bane of my existence.

All bitching aside, the mild puzzles (y’know, the ones that didn’t take 40 minutes to complete) reminded me of some old-school Resident Evil goodness with  a splash of Zelda dungeon-esque goodness. WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY is I thoroughly enjoyed God of War. I admit it. You were all right. But, um, can we hold a moment of silence for Kratos? No wonder homeboy ain’t walking around with a smile on his face. I mean, damn. He killed his wife and child and is permanently covered with their ashes. That’s a rather unfortunate thing to happen to someone. But then again if you offer your life to Ares I suppose you shouldn’t expect anything different.

I’m excited to see where the series goes and how Kratos evolves as a character. I’m also excited because now I can legitimately scream “ATHEEEEEEEEEENAAAAAAAA!” whenever I get pissed off at the world.


  1. I actually started the franchise with GOW 3, but really enjoyed going back through both HD collections. I agree about some of the puzzles, I was freaking out on more than one.

  2. I love the series but the only ones I haven’t played are the PSP versions. I’m thinking of picking up the 5 game set before the new one comes out but I’m like balls deep into the Battlefield 3 multiplayer.

  3. Yay! I’m glad you finally played God of War. And I read in the comments you don’t want to play the psp ones but you should! They have a bit more of a story than the console version and you can get them on PS3 now anyway so why not give them a go

    • I second this. They’re just as good as the console games in terms of presentation and gameplay (which is probably why they’re always listed among the PSP’s best titles), and with them being on PS3 now there’s no excuse not to (since I remember you mentioning you’re not too big on handhelds).

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