PlayStation 4 Price Hinted At In Japanese Newspaper


Can you BELIEVE it? I mean, when I read the above article I was like, “OMG NO WAY.” Seriously, Sony. You guys rock! I’m so glad I read Asahi Shimbun on a regular basis. It keeps my Japanese skills honed in so hard.


Okay, I’m sure you already know this but the only effin’ thing I understand from the above snapshot is the underlined PS4 text. But never fear! That’s why we have professionals to translate that stuff for us. According to The Verge, all of that mumbo-jumbo suggests the PlayStation 4 will cost over 40,000 yen —¬† roughly a little over $400 — that the console will release in the US/Japan in 2013 and the DualShock 4 (or whatever it’s called) will closely resemble the DualShock 3. To which I say — PLEASE DON’T BE A SILLY RUMOR PLEASE DON’T BE A SILLY RUMOR!!!! ::whine::

I’d be VERY happy with a $400-ish price tag for the PS4. Hell, the main reason it took me three and a half years to buy the PS3 was because of the rid-goddamn-iculous¬† price tag (remember that $600 bullshit?) and I wouldn’t mind if Sony’s next console controller resembled that of the DualShock 3. But of course, as Sony’s “Future of PlayStation” event draws near the rumors are sure to start running rampant, so hopefully we’ll have some concrete answers soon and these specific rumors will prove to be true. (FINGERS CROSSED!)

What say you?


  1. I love my PS2 and my 8-year old son has a WII (Christmas present from Santa) that he plays now…we just dug out my old Atari and NES a few weeks ago and he played those for the first time…he wasn’t overly impressed with the Atari (can’t imagine why) but LOVED Duck Hunt…lol With all the games I haven’t played on the PS2 yet, it could be decades before I upgrade to PS3 or XBox…so it doesn’t matter to me how much the PS4 could cost – it’ll be in the bargain bin before I ever get to it. :)

    • Ah, y’know, I love hearing when ‘dem younger generations are all about the older consoles. (Well, besides the Atari!) And yeah, there are SO many games out there that the newer consoles aaaren’t really necessary. They’re fun, but not necessary!

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