Britt5091 Origins: How come I can never have a normal experience at Gamestop?

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How come I can never have a normal experience at Gamestop?

July 30th, 2009

Yesterday I was browsing my local Gamestop (yes, the one where I’m known as the ‘Harvest Moon Girl’) when I saw a guy about my age holding a copy of the Zelda two game bonus disc for Gamecube which includes Masterquest. I smiled, nodded at him and simply said ‘That’s a good game.’

Immediately he snapped back with ‘Yeah but I wish Nintendo would stop wasting their damn time and just do a remake.’

Oh boy did I open a can of worms.

I asked what he meant. He went on to tell me that Nintendo didn’t know what to do with themselves (regarding the Zelda franchise) after the success of Ocarina of Time. Every console game since hasn’t been true to the Zelda origins and he thinks a complete remake of OOT on the Wii would solve all of Nintendo’s problems.

I countered by explaining it’s a well known fact Nintendo is capable of creating great games and franchises, and how I thought Nintendo should concentrate on developing quality titles. If Nintendo DID release a remake of Ocarina of Time with Gamecube, Wii graphics, there’s a chance the gaming community would frown upon it. It could be interpreted as a desperate attempt.

I asked if he has actually played Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, or Wind Waker. At the mention of Wind Waker, he flipped a bitch. Serious as a heart attack, he states the following:

‘Nintendo needs to drop everything they’re working on and start remaking that game immediately. I’d rather they didn’t fucking bother with these other new games.’

It is at this point, ladies and gentlemen, I know I’m dealing with a loon. Dumfounded, I just started at him for a while.




Catching myself, I tried to break the silence by blurting ‘But who knows! Nintendo, those sly foxes, might have something in the works now! You know if Nintendo stopped everything they were doing, we wouldn’t get the New Super Mario Bros, Mario Galaxy 2, the new Metroid, not to mention the newer Zelda game…’ I trailed off and started nervously laughing. Apparently that was all he could take. Without saying a word, he put the game back on the shelf walked away.

WTF?!? I can’t believe he actually walked away. And I REALLY can’t believe I referred to Nintendo as ‘sly foxes’.

But this punk got me thinking.

If any game remake could materialize out of thin air without needing time or resources dedicated to it, I would be 100% for it, but we all know that’s not possible.

Also, I just get the feeling the experience wouldn’t be as magical if it was all jazzed and spiffed up. Playing a game that was revolutionary for its time, taking it all in, including the clunky graphics, isn’t that what makes a game classic?

But then I think about Capcom’s Resident Evil 1 remake for the Gamecube (or REmake if you’re down with the lingo) which was pretty successful and got a lot of hype from what I can remember.

So fellow bloggers, my questions for you:

Would you want to see your favorite developer dedicate resources to remake your favorite vintage game, or continue making new games? Would upgraded graphics, in your opinion, help or hurt the game, and for what reason?

And if any of you agree with that guy, let me know. Seriously.


Britt’s Note:

January 10th. 2012

Oh, now isn’t this post relevant? I just finished LoZ: Skyward Sword this weekend!

As I said above, if an Ocarina of Time remake could appear out of thin air I would definitely play it—if for nothing but curiosity, really. But that being said I’m totally content with the original, blocky graphics of OoT and would probably roll my eyes were a remake to be announced. There’s no need to spend money and staff hours on that.

Now, regarding the Zelda franchise itself: With the latest iteration—Skyward Sword—I think Nintendo did some things right (read: dungeons) while other things could have been heavily tweaked (read: the locations), so it’s hard to say where exactly this franchise is taking itself. (I won’t go into details here, but my thoughts on this can be read in my Skyward Sword game log.)

I wish I could pick and choose certain segments from each Zelda title and splice them all into one game. It would be AMAZING.



      • LOL you dork. Maybe I wasn’t specific enough, but I’m talking on full-on remake. Example: What Capcom did with Resident Evil 1/REmake.

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