Is he hardened is he hardened is he hardened…

::Dragon Age: Origins spoilers ahead!::

You know what’s a sad fact of Britt’s life? I haven’t been able to watch the Landsmeeet cutscenes in which Alistair is killed. I have attempted to watch them on YouTube, but my fictitious love for him is so strong that the thought of my one true love experiencing a death so CRUEL makes me a very, very sad panda. Does this make me weird?

Yeah, I thought so.

Wanna hear another sad fact? I don’t think I could start a brand spankin’ new Dragon Age: Origins file without intending on bedding/wedding Alistair. He’s just like that extra “perk” (ahem, no pun intended) in Dragon Age: Origins that makes the entire experience that much better. And hey, the game of wooing and romancing another person never gets old, amirite? ;D


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