LOL–Spidey Fail!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh my God. Maybe it’s because it’s late or MAYBE it’s because I’m an artard that laughs at everything, but I’ve watched this video five or six times now and I swear it gets funnier and funnier with every view. I can’t decide on my favorite part–it’s either the “SPLAT!” sound Spidey makes or the chick’s bug-eyed “I’m going to die!” remark at the end. Then BOOM!

BAHAHA. SEE?! I’m literally LOL’ing as I’m typing this.

Good ol’ Quick Time Events. Gotta love ’em–or at least I think you’re supposed to. I personally find them irritating. I feel cut-scenes are a pat on the back for accomplishing a certain task. reaching a checkpoint, whatever, and it’s at that moment when you can sit back and enjoy some beautiful animations. Not, like, sit on the edge of your seat frantically screening your television for a button prompt. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I DIED IN RESIDENT EVIL 4 AND RESIDENT EVIL 5 DUE TO QUICK TIME EVENTS?!?!

That being said, I kicked ass at Heavy Rain. <3.


  1. LOL I see what you mean, it does get funnier the more I watch it! The splat sound and spidey’s epic faceplant with maximum surface area exposure to the ground is what gets me ;)

    • If you think about it, it’s actually quite good game design. Notice how when Spidey lands, the view flows flawlessly from his burning body to the lady’s horrified (and horrifying) face with no cuts.

      Kinda impressive, right?

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