Alone on Oculus Rift is RADBERRIES

Holy shit, you guys —  after watching this guy demo Alone on the Oculus Rift I’m sold. I mean, I was already sold on the OR before, but I’m sold even harder now.

As I was watching T Hodder play I was overcome with this sense of, like, “DJFKDJFKDJS:KJ!!!!!” because like him, upon being frightened my first instinct would be to look away. Y’know, it’s like if you’re a pansy watching a scary movie. You can always disconnect yourself by looking away and get dose of the reality around you. But when you’re immersed in a virtual reality horror game there’s no “reality” to take in unless you physically remove the headset.

GOOD GOD THIS IS AWESOME. I am going to shit my pants so many times. 

It sounds like Alone will be launching a Kickstarter campaign next month, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out!


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