**CLOSED** Win a Signed The Last of Us Poster!


OH HEEEEEEEEY! I have another signed The Last of Us poster to give away, so here I am, giving away things. As a reminder, I received these after the The Last of Us panel at PAX Prime earlier this month. THEY ARE SUPER DUPER LEGIT.

A few notes:

    • The posters are NOT signed by me; they are signed by Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley. This is a very good thing.
    • The red arrows are my attempt to show you where the signatures are, but of course they’re not on the actual poster!
    • This is the last large poster I have! I have another small one I’ll be giving away at a later date.

You know the drill — GOGOGO!

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  1. I would pee my pants. probably all over this poster. and then cry.

    I’m sure my husband will appreciate a urine stained poster for Christmas. help me make that happen.

  2. If i ever saw a bloater I would probably call my momma and tell her I love her o.o
    and then try destroying it with a 12 gauge while ellie is all like what the hell is that thing xD

  3. I would incinerate that bloater like I did in the game, then take a selfie with his crispy ass, that way I’m reminded that I’m a bad bitch!!

  4. If I saw a Bloater across the street, I’d run like a little bitch. I’m not trying to impress anybody here, I just want to stay alive.

  5. What would I do? Take cover, lob a molotov cocktail at it, hope my aim isn’t shit, make sure it was destroyed, wait to see if any more are in the area, then continue on my way. My goal in any apocalypse scenario is to die of old age.

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