Damn you, GameStop

I vividly remember seeing copies of The Orange Box nesting on the racks at local GameStops in the years past. I was always tempted to buy a copy, but for whatever reason I never left with one. Maybe I was sick with The Suck, or maybe I was too busy buying five copies of Dragon Age: Origins. Either way, I was never committed to purchasing The Orange Box until Portal 2 came out. Everyone and their mother was gushing about how ahhhh-mazing it was, and consequently, every copy of The Orange Box apparently grew legs and ran out of GameStop’s door because I couldn’t  find a freakin’ copy ANYWHERE.

I’m not kidding. I stalked every GameStop within 15 miles until they told me the nearest copy was over 70 miles away. WAAAH.

So I did something I’ve never done before. I went to GameStop.com and ordered a copy for $22.99. Guys, I never buy used games so I felt a little dirty, but I told myself it was the only thing I could do. Actually, that’s not true. I could have searched eBay but I had a GameStop gift cardsoOoOOOoO….

Anyway, I received a lil’ package a few days later. It was my newest, used game! I opened it up—


Cracked case, no instruction booklet, hell, I’ll be surprised if the game even works. Considering it was free (meaning I used a gift card), I suppose I shouldn’t bitch but STILL!  As a collector this burns my heart into a fiery little crisp.


Also, have you seen my Dragon Age II Signature Edition case? Also courtesy of GameStop:


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