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I got screwed

June 14, 2009


I have absolutely no regrets about buying my PS3, except I think Nintendo caught whim of it and Iwata is waggling a black wii-mote at my picture and cursing me in rapid Japanese. Anyway, I bought my PS3 last Thursday at Fred Meyer. All I got was the PS3 and essentials. No extras.

So this morning I’m just browsing the Sunday ads and see that good ol’ Freddies is now offering 30 bucks off of any purchase of 150 bucks or more, which we all know is a fraction of the Sony wonder machine.

Walmart is now having a deal where if you buy a PS3 you get two free Blue-ray DVD’s.

Today I was at Target and staring at me through the glass was the Resistance and Motorstorm PS3 bundle (for the same price people) that I KNEW about, I just completely brain-farted.

I’m definitely blaming Nintendo for this one. It’s always their fault anyway.


Yup. I remember peering into those glass cabinets at Target and feeling my heart sink as I saw that Resistance and Motorstorm bundle. Although I probably never would have played Motorstorm, I eventually ended up purchasing Reistance and enjoying it. (for the most part. I remember that game drug on foreverrrrrr). But how many times has this happened to us? We hold out on buying a console or videogame for months, and the moment we break down and just friggen’ buy it some new mumbo-jumbo bundlepackagedeal is announced. NEVER FAILS.

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  1. LOL…same thing happened to me when I got my PS3. I decided to get mine a couple of months after MGS4 had been out, I had a bit of extra money so I said what the hell, let me pick one up at my local EB Games.

    I’m pretty sure it was the next day, Sony decides to announce a PS3 MGS4 bundle, including the game and 2 Blu-Rays…for the same price I paid…boo!

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